Captain Toro Poem by Robert Charles Howard

Captain Toro

Rating: 2.2

The power scythe roared and quivered;
Had he chops, he would have licked them -
So rabid was he to taste the fray.

Verdure clad stalks by the thousands
Eschewed all feint of
Futile resistance -
Falling like spineless wimps
Before the carbon breathed Leviathon's
Cyclonic advance.

Pausing only to quaff
A long draft of energy potion,
Toro relentlessly carved a swath
Across the battle ground -
Vorpally snicker-snacking his way
Toward the mission's
inexorable termination.

A single command
Brought the roaring vortex to a halt.
Victorious, sans medals or ceremony,
Captain Toro was debriefed
And escorted back
To his lonely barracks
To sleep, perchance to dream
Of past and future triumphs
In the jungle wilds at the confluence
Of Prairie and Missouri Avenues.

Joseph Daly 17 August 2007

This is, at first reading, tottaly off the wall. There is some great humour to this. Robert, andextremely imaginative in its execution and flow (and wisuch a dedication it is hard to see it any other way) . I love it, it is a brilliant work.

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Sandra Fowler 19 August 2007

Excellent satire. Your fine vocabulary and your rich imagination combine to make this piece a fascinating read. Warmest regards, Sandra

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Susan Williams 14 March 2016

Ha! This was well-done. Humorous poems are hard to write well in my humble opinion but you had me grinning from the get-go! Love your word choice- that increased the humor a hundred fold! Thank you for the enjoyable read, Robert

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Ben Gieske 09 August 2009

With a little research I am now able to appreciate more of the background of this poem, especially regarding those to whom you dedicated this. I can still enjoy all the action and imagination involved. Thankfully, you settle us quietly at Prairie and Missouri Avenues to ponder all that has taken place.

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Frank Cannon 30 July 2008

A poetic tour de force. Nothing less.

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I think Shaky Bill would not be pleased with the dedication. After all, it would draw attention to his work: and yours is better. (IMHO) t x

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Alison Cassidy 24 August 2007

Robert you are a legend! Who else would have combined Jabberwocky, Star Wars and Hamlet combined so cleverly - so lyrically - so wittily. Only one tiny question - where does Mr. Haydn fit in to the story? love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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