Aufersteh'N Poem by Robert Charles Howard


Rating: 2.4

In memoriam, professor Earl Henry

Through shuttered eyes, I see you still -
dressed out in earthen tones
and hear echoes of your steady voice -
lightly tinged with music of the west.

Like redbud harbingers
of Spring’s regeneration,
emerging flowers of friendship
had just begun to touch the light.

Ascending the triple flight
in Webster’s old tudor music house,
I’d stop to visit for a spell
drawn to the peaceful aerie
deftly masquerading as your office.

We’d speak of hope for students shared
or ponder an obscurity of theory
or stand before a video screen -
savoring Abbado's alchemy
bonded to Mahler’s Resurrection.

I will miss you, new friend.
rest well - knowing
the gardens you have planted
remain to catch the morning sun.

July, 2008

Christine Natale 31 July 2008

Very lovely. Thank you! :)

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Raj Nandy 31 July 2008

A reminiscence very well expressed! I often think of those devoted teachers of my strict Methodist Missionary School of Calcutta and also pray for them! -Raj Nandy

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Ben Gieske 28 May 2009

After a long spell I am reading your poems again. It is like a new discovery. You include so many shades of meanings in your well-chosen words and images. Your feelings and thoughts are expertly expressed.

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Ben Gieske 13 August 2008

Your use of metaphors, picture-adjectives, nouns, and action verbs brings life to this poem. Your inclusions of musical terms is definitely a plus and sets an appropriate setting. There is a certain nostalgic ambience of many good memories recalled and your ending is thoughtful, rewarding and complementary. I like the rhythm of the reading. Well done.

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Will Barber 11 August 2008

This memoriam touches the soul. You paint a vivid portrait of your friendship. Perhaps no friendship ever fades, in the long scheme of things, but your account of loss is poignant indeed. - Will

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Sandra Fowler 08 August 2008

Beautiful is the word here without a doubt. An eloquent tribute to a friend who will always live in the landscapes of your mind. Your graciousness becomes you. Take care. Warmest regards, Sandra

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Frank Cannon 02 August 2008

Aufersteh'n, ja aufersteh'n. And so you have.

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