Cathedrals Of Bling Poem by Robert Charles Howard

Cathedrals Of Bling

Rating: 2.2

The Gods are money sound these days.
and priests have marketing degrees -
The faithful, called to worship
by giant plasma screens,
flock to shopping cathedrals –
seeking salvation through merchandising.

At the Church of Holy Consumption
all denominations are welcome –
hundreds, twenties, tens.
All the hymns are sung by Muzak,
The readings daily specials.

A sister offers a spray of holy essence
(The bottle's 40 bucks an ounce) .
Leave your offerings at the till -
major credit cards accepted.

As the worship service's end
sign the dollar across your chest
while a celebrant's talking head
coos soothing benedictions,
“Go in Peace, my child. You’re worth it.”

January, 2007

Declan McHenry 02 January 2007

Excellent piece! Exactly the way it is and perhaps always has been. That bit about camels and eyes of needles does seem to be overlooked somewhere.

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I will agree with D/ex.... this is marvellously written, singing out to be heard indeed; a grand in-your-face but defly composed rant at the marketing 'wizardry' behind modern 'religion'... t x

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Gregory Gunn 05 January 2007

Amen, brother! A clever, highly observational penning. I wrote a piece called 'Chic' that's in a similar vein, after many visits to one of our local malls here in the big metropolis. The absurdity of it all; what those teenagers must spend on clothes alone, would keep all creditors at bay for a lengthly period, indeed. 'At the Church of Holy Consumption / All denominations are welcome- / Hundreds, twenties, tens.' is a standout, Robert. Good show, Greg

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Brian Dorn 12 January 2007

Wow... good stuff, Robert! I wish I could say you were exagerating but it's all too familiar. Amazing write! ! Brian

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Alison Cassidy 16 January 2007

'Go in peace my child. You're worth it! ' Stunning, witty irreverence - and gloriously penned. Robert, you're a star! love, Allie xxxxxxxxxx

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Ben Gieske 09 August 2009

Despite all the reforms throughout the ages, it seems like nothing really changes. The market place is not the only thing that is ruled by big money. I like the way you weave your humourous streak through this chosen topic. In America quantity too often gobbles up quality.

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Linda Hepner 12 February 2009

I think (unfairly) of LA's Crystal Cathedral... but it's a metaphor for the Entertainment Church. I do like the intro. LRH

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Will Barber 24 April 2008

It's all good. Mammon is cool, isn't he? Seriously - this eloquent poem addresses the root of the destruction of civilisation in our time. We aren't the richest nation in the world - we're the most indebted. Not every poem has to be upbeat. Sometimes, the truth - with a larding of satire - will do. - Will

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Meggie Gultiano 20 February 2008

An excellent write, Sir Robert! well, what can i say? i am very proud of you..And i agree all that were said here below..Thanks for sharing...

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Elysabeth Faslund 12 August 2007

Amazing! ! And, I'll say it again...amazing! ! ! The Bulgarian judge holds up a 100! I had to quit laughing to write this! Now, what can you do with Jesse Duplantis? I went to high school with him...and what you see on t.v. is a revised and edited Jesse! Sacrilige! and worthy of all the praise this can get! GREAT write! ! ! xxElysabeth

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