Closer To True Poem by Simon Collins

Closer To True

Rating: 5.0

If I could walk unclothed
to the gentle mountain stream
touching the bare earth
skin to skin it would seem
that with patient naked feet
I would reach salvation sweet
cupping my hands to drink
where lips and water meet
washing the loveless fears
stained by day to day
from my clouded inner spirit
and so drink the pain away
to then maybe sing aloud
or dance a jesters turn
to the morning birds melody
in that moment be atoned
with Christ like grace I'd give
and not let the learning stay
so I may call back my child
and let laughter light my way
to be a reborn nature boy
pure as a meadows hue
a simple human being
closer somehow to true

Raja Nosherwan 13 June 2012

I loved this one, maybe because of the clarity of ots theme.

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Eric Cockrell 10 June 2012

absolutely love this poem.... a breath of hope!

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Anita Sehgal 10 June 2012

need to unlearn to learn afresh. well put!

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Heather Wilson 10 June 2012

Such a beautiful poem, being one with nature as we were all meant to be. I had much pleasure reading it .thank you.

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