Ode To A Planet Poem by Simon Collins

Ode To A Planet

Rating: 5.0

Look at the wind
it moves for you
with the sun and stars and moon
a life begins anew
take their omnipresent presence
then breathe it deep dear child
let it be your essence
let them sculpt your soul
be wild be free be daring
neither young nor old
dance together into the night
feel the grace, the gift, the light
no time is free from reasons
caught up in mortal toil
be the strength of seasons
a mystic natural
sing the tune of free birds
sailing high above
a picture painted paradise
a place to be and love

Valerie Dohren 01 July 2012

Wonderful poem - a picture painted paradise, a place to be and love, planet earth.

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Smoky Hoss 10 July 2012

Very beautiful tribute to the worlds wonders all around us.

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Karen Sinclair 07 July 2012

just so lovely....thanks for sharing such an uplifting write...tyvm karen

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Eric Cockrell 04 July 2012

we are children of the wind, and lovers of the darkness, awed by the dawn.... aging with the seasons! great poem.

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Captain Cur 02 July 2012

A great poem about new life and new beginings on little ole' earth. You handle the orbit and it spins like a song.

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Heather Wilson 01 July 2012

A beautiful poem, sing the tune of free birds, lovely.

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