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He committed the highest sin
unspeakable in its shame
to burn the genetic bridge
releasing maternal pain

Tonight I am the sun
a star in space
my blaze is a crescendo
or a silent point

Your light safely sweeping
across the ink black sea
attracts like no other
you are the lighthouse


I captain alone
Torn sails whip the bruised sky
Knuckles white
Eyes salted and wild

A wave explodes upon the craggy shore
defended by bright black rocks
resolute in momentary power
holding fast

Look at the wind
it moves for you
with the sun and stars and moon
a life begins anew


When long these thoughts boil and rage
at last I put this pen to page
capturing the fleeting vision
cast words no longer hidden

Blue is taken by the expectant rain
And given clothes of silver
I await the cleansing
Knowing soon I will not miss her

From a distance
I see him bent stubbornly
Mad against the day
In resentful motion his

If I could walk unclothed
to the gentle mountain stream
touching the bare earth
skin to skin it would seem

There is nothing left
to ask aloud for
the child has grown
yet still wants more

Comfort casts its light
from your eyes to mine
long and lost
your words in easy time

New book old book
It means this it means that
Dragons will eat you
The world is flat

The clock ticks far away
inaudible yet present
as each measured space
between moments collide

She wears her pants now
in her woman only tribe
rejecting the protection
of the gladiators pride

Take it away
that steel moulded thing
shining for this heart
like a trickster you sing

A mothers arms
Will never hold her
Forgotten son
He will never feel


Silence glistening in it's
Tingling bell
Moving space

Listen yearning child
Your spirit is immortal
Your body may tumble
To its death

Sometimes I pass through a doorway
To a world
In silent motion
As time breathes in and out of itself

Simon Collins Biography

Another human being searching time and again for some truth. I have been writing poetry since April 2012 initially to assist in some emotional recovery, I now find this art to not only be therapeutic but inspiring and pleasurable, thank you for taking the time to read my words, Simon)

The Best Poem Of Simon Collins

Observing The Loner

He committed the highest sin
unspeakable in its shame
to burn the genetic bridge
releasing maternal pain
he became a psychics friend
his home at the village edge
outcast a ghost alone
indulgence fed his head
no blame no change no alter
acceptance slaps the face
pleasure is disguised
yet love guides his inner space
I watch him slowly standing
straight from weighted years
a man without a mother
silence in the face of fears
a family is like a hat that
sometimes finds a home
but travelers are their own kind
separate they will roam
our mothers they are aloft
worshipped for love bestowed
but save a thought for the loner
his care unjustly sold

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Simon Collins Popularity

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