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Another human being searching time and again for some truth.
I have been writing poetry since April 2012 initially to assist in some emotional recovery, I now find this art to not only be therapeutic but inspiring and pleasurable, thank you for taking the time to read my words, Simon

Simon Collins Poems

Observing The Loner

He committed the highest sin
unspeakable in its shame
to burn the genetic bridge
releasing maternal pain

Its All About Me, My Ego, And The Universe

Tonight I am the sun
a star in space
my blaze is a crescendo
or a silent point

A Pirates Fantasy

Your light safely sweeping
across the ink black sea
attracts like no other
you are the lighthouse


I captain alone
Torn sails whip the bruised sky
Knuckles white
Eyes salted and wild

Remembering What You Gave Me

A wave explodes upon the craggy shore
defended by bright black rocks
resolute in momentary power
holding fast

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