United And Free Poem by sookdeo manansingh manansingh

United And Free

as a garland of lamps
we are united
like the stars in the sky
we are disciplined
in the quest for knowledge
which makes us motivated
to try
each day in silence
we search into the unknown
to see what the future may bring
to give ourselves the joy
and happiness we seek
as we clap and sing

with the season of change
comes the fruit
\of our actions which we sow
together the challenges
that confronts us
empowers the mind
to make us grow
this battlefield on earth
teaches that
the weapon of fear
must not exist
with the shield of intelligence
we can determine
our destiny
through the clouds of mist

Our bond be the string of hope
to lead us through the darkness
of the night
when we examine ourselves
in the mirror of introspection
to see the same one light
to see the stars from heaven
comes to life
goes beyond the sphere
of what we dream
we should be mindful
of our duty
to preserve the honour
and dignity
which flows gently
into the stream

Year after year
as the colors of the rainbow
ties the gifts we exchange
we must not forget
to also give tides
to the less fortunate
whose habits can change
over the horizon
a new dawn
awaits all of us
that will enlighten our minds
to see
the kingdom of heaven
blends with our hearts
and souls
for together we should live
upon this earth
united and free.

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