Vera Sidhwa

Coffee With Candy - Poem by Vera Sidhwa

I can never decide whether,
I'm a grown-up or a girl.
Sometimes I jump and hop,
On streets of wild abandon.
Sometimes I wear high heel shoes.

Then on streets of age old wisdom.
Then I work in offices everybody work in.
To make their fortune add-up to a billion.

But all this never works for me,
I don't understand to always adults be.
So I invented an adult-kid coffee,
For all the world's adult-kids be.

And that includes most of the world.

The beverage for the nine to five,
A coffee add-on to happily survive,
The day would go on with drinking bliss,
For this coffee comes with a million,
Sugary twists.

So now we blended coffee and Koke,
So now we mixed coffee and chocolate.
Then we added to coffee some candy canes.
And we swirled coffee with sugary tea.

This coffee world witnessed coffee and chocolate syrup.
And the coffee with strawberry puree,
This coffee met it's match, mixed with cocoa nuts.
It's very changed flavor with added orange rind.

We now added melted bon bons in this coffee,
We melted brown caramel into another.
We swirled banana cream in still another.
Then sank blueberry puree into the last.

My coffee added a kick to the office workers' routine.
It lifted them up from their daily grind.
So I provided free life's coffee, to the
World of seven billion of human kind.

Their offices became places of
Skipping, jumping and frolicking.
Their business hearts a place of sugary caffeinated youth.
Now girls and boys emerged at the workplace.

Then a woman came up to me,
And said, 'before this coffee, '
An office's delusion I felt.

I could never be that girl,
Who still lives in me,
For the adult worker in me still likes my coffee,
And the sugary heaven still brings out the girl in me.

So the Coffee with Candy set me free.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, August 20, 2012

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