Colours Inspiring Life...........! Poem by Vidya Pandarinath

Colours Inspiring Life...........!

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Living life from birth till death with purity, youthfulness as the colour White
The attitude to as certain what's not right and what's Right..!

Focusing Life as multidimensional signifying that there ways to realism as the colour Black.
Dealing with things with objective existence, true nature has the exceptional knack

Facing Problems with intensity, invocation as the colour Red
Divine inspiration, strength at times to strive Ahead

Leading Life with attitude, dignity, enthusiasm, balanced as the colour Orange
Sensible point of view no prejudice, with my explicit Knowledge

Climbing fortuitous of Life with happiness, good spirits as the colour Yellow
Utilization chance as a enlightened Fellow...!

Handling situation intelligently, vigorously, generously as the colour Green
Ambience and introspection shall always be Clean

Enjoying prosperity of life with pride, wisdom, power and royally as the colour Purple
Simple gratification of actuality as a virtuous Person

To be introspective of one's own thoughts with self-confidence, stability, calmness as the colour Blue
Accept imperfection, positive attribute of realization, essential You

To be optimistic, sophisticated to achieve victory and be a winner as the colour Gold
Firm belief in oneself, elegant, truly noble to Behold

Appreciating little things in life as the colour Teal
Remarkable attribute, at no time be pessimistic for things you Feel

Open-minded, hi-tech, sleek, organizing, responsible in way forward as the colour Silver
Accessing to new aspiration, rational conduct, pursuit is rightful purpose in life to be a generous Giver

Approachable, practical, sensitive, down-to-earth, Yet foremost seek utmost security, protection, comfort as the colour Brown
Based on facts rather than fantasy, self confidence is the inestimable Crown

Preparedness of mental attention to be novel and creative as the colour Magenta
Thankful for all acquired wisdom, life's attitude caring and Gentle

To have friendly association with others with the a intention of morality, sincerity as the colour Pink
Purpose to do good never bad to other's, if not possible never to hurt credence, impact on other's life to Think

Freedom of choice, to be self sufficient as the colour Cyan
Enduring life's moment given by the Divinity, enjoy the precious Span

Treating all alike, determined, time-honored as the colour Gray
Not affected by the passage of time, dependable at difficult life's conditions on any Day

Happy-go-lucky still not easily influenced by other's as the colour Aquamarine
Welcome change as and when required, forward-looking, precise and Keen

Unique, full of positivezeal as the colour Coral
Connecting and mixing with everyone, willingness to help other's surely Novel

On all Occasions, whatever the circumstances may be, to be proud of our femininity, grace, delicate beauty as the colour Lavender
Motivation certainly not demotivation, kind-hearted and good Balancer

Dynamic, powerful, giving self more importance, first than rest as the colour Crimson
Frankly expressing one's thoughts, proud to be a opinionated Woman

Standing firm and handling predicament until its solved as the colour Lime
Connecting oneself with Mother Nature resolves all life's problems, the essence of natureis Prime

Straight-forward and being acquainted of surroundings entity as
the colour Bronze
Exceptional and ethereal affection, no repentance, thriving like
vigorous grassy Lawns

Willingness to take risks and facing consequences as the colour Maroon
Being oneself, cherishing to the rhythm composed by Divine Tune

Analysis in accordance with reasonor logic as the colour Tan
Intelligent selection rather than on sentiments, No greater supposition, Than

Loving self more than anything, loyal to those worth it as the colour Turquoise
Due regard for the feelings, choices of others, without unnecessary Noise

Contend not only for self but also for other's moral rightness as the colour Indigo
Partiality, unjust, indifference.....No..No..No..No

Perseverance to achieve goals set with humbleness, gracefulness as the colour Taupe
Creating good ambience for self fitting to accomplish the dream, certainly it comes to the Top..!

Friday, March 6, 2020
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Jazib Kamalvi 06 March 2020

Write comment. Such a nice poem, Vidya. Read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks

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