Colours Of My Skin. Poem by Anzelyne shideshe

Colours Of My Skin.

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They say I have colours,
Patches of black and white,
I'm fine with them,
Invisibly problem free,
Comfortably satisfying.

They relate to them as,
Black and white stains,
I never knew black can stain,
Renowned colour of concept.

What is the issue with patches,
For me they relate to beauty,
Enhance the artistic within,
Kill boredom, revive life.

Black and white patches,
Culture they call it,
For me it's knowledge,
Colour has information,
Thus I see wisdom,
Being colourless.

Yes you might see stains,
Patches of black and white,
A cocktail if visible,
For me concept has it's initiator,
I'm colourless,
Colour is in my vision.

Colours Of My Skin.
Friday, November 27, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: inspirational
Michael Walkerjohn 02 December 2015

Aloha Anzelyne... Welcome, to AllPoetry... IAM quite fond of such personal views... and in this, my comfortably satisfying moment of 'self' reflection, I see... that perhaps there are others who understand what life truly is... and perhaps there are others who may also be able to transcend and project what this true life holds that is special... to this world, and to the universe... Colour, such a base and unacceptable way to view others; when by nature, we are all colourless... We are each such bright glistening beings... in our beginnings... and it is so sad that the species chooses in its ignorance, to separate itself by the beauty of it's diversity in such a negative way... and rates those beauties as differences that divide rather than highlight the whole body of beings called human... rather tasteless on a universal scale and certainly not welcoming to any outsider seeking to meet and greet... I do so wonder what will become of US all when that time does come... and that single outsider is considered too different and unwelcome... the species has potential yet it is folding in upon itself in ignorance... will we survive the squeeze as we each know the globe is becoming smaller and smaller each passing moment... Which part of you did you say was invisibly problem free? It is that part of all of US that IAM most interested in learning more about... I thank you humbly for this last few minutes of more profound thought that I have experienced for reading your take on this point... All of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two

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Anzelyne Shideshe 02 December 2015

Invisibly problem free, we all have our shortcomings, this is Unkown to us.So instead of pinpointing these shortcomings speak to me, explain so as to realize my faults.We should learn to understand what we see, before judging based on our knowledge but not the victim's.

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Today's Poet Of Day, featured on PoemHunter is Dr Fabrizio Frosini, our own Doctor Fab. Congratulations to him and all my fellow poets on PoemHunter. Deep appreciation

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Howard simon 27 July 2022

Lovely lines loaded with lessons for living that are both creative and compelling!

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Clinton Siegle 06 March 2020

Colour or color is interesting.. I am more pink than white. So.. colors dark, brown, pink, a bit white here, time is a question on ones mind.. which color makes it to the next round.

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Anzelyne Shideshe 07 April 2020

All about perceptions.Thanks for reading Clinton

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Prabir Gayen 14 January 2019

Tremendous beauty....such a powerful write..

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Anzelyne Shideshe 03 February 2019

Thanks Gayen

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Clinton Siegle 12 October 2018

thanks for sharing black and white patches.. keep on writing. you should just keep on sharing more poetry.

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Anzelyne Shideshe 26 November 2018

Thanks Clinton

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