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They say I have colours,
Patches of black and white,
I'm fine with them,
Invisibly problem free,

Herald thee beloved
Thy breeze
Thy fragrant
Warm as thine presence


Home alone,
Silent walls,
Crept breathe,

You want to be,
I want to be,
They want to be,
Don't be a want to be,

Oh my eyes, the atrocities I see!
Humans destroying humans,
Religions extinguishing religions,
Brothers endangering sisters,

All social issues
Boldly and consistently
Practically seeking the vulnerable


Life is essential,
It's essence is survival,
Survival is to experience,
It's beauty, the faunas and flora,


lingering memories in a coma,
Of the moon shining so bright,
Gazing brightly in the dark skies,
The galaxy bearing witness,

I hear songs of peace, love and unity,
All equating equality since the 1st century,
From various Races, Tribes, languages and Nations,
Rich and poor coherently rejoicing.

I'm not a loner,
I'm not shy,
I'm quite,
Composed, listening and forcused

Nature's magical existence
Everything at its core setting
Flourishing to decomposing
For billions of years

A woodland stroll,

Amidst swaying trees,

Today I had a rocky day,
I sat on my rocky chair,
Then my bell rung,
And decided to take a walk,

The after math of a voice,

So sweet as candy,

YOU are a Hallo!
After a secret kiss,
A friend without introduction,
A fruit that was forbidden in the garden of eden,


I carry your words.
I remember your voice,
It's like poison choking my neck,
To the depth of my soul,

Weary and torn,
Displaced to no destination,
The storm has taken over,
The wind blowing vigorously,

Love came,
Took me to a fall,
Full of emotions,
In a green garden

You my shining Star
Dawn arises in your smile
In each others arms
We dialogue wordlessly

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Colours Of My Skin.

They say I have colours,
Patches of black and white,
I'm fine with them,
Invisibly problem free,
Comfortably satisfying.

They relate to them as,
Black and white stains,
I never knew black can stain,
Renowned colour of concept.

What is the issue with patches,
For me they relate to beauty,
Enhance the artistic within,
Kill boredom, revive life.

Black and white patches,
Culture they call it,
For me it's knowledge,
Colour has information,
Thus I see wisdom,
Being colourless.

Yes you might see stains,
Patches of black and white,
A cocktail if visible,
For me concept has it's initiator,
I'm colourless,
Colour is in my vision.

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paul amrod 08 August 2022

Hi Anzelyne, I enjoyed reading your new piece. I wish to inspire you to continue. You have the muses in your thoughts, Many good wishes, Paul

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Paul Amrod 29 July 2022

Hi Anzelyne, It was amazing on the 9th of July. I was so surprised. Say a big hello to your sister and he wonderful man. Please remain in contact. Peace, Paul

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Anzelyne Shideshe 06 December 2015

Thanks Fabrizio Frosini your advice and guidance is highly appreciated.

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Fabrizio Frosini 06 December 2015

dear Anzylyne, if you wish, you can post ''Mr Terror'' at PH. It'll be published in the ebook ''POETRY AGAINST TERROR'', but being it a free ebook, there is no problem with posting a poem of the collection Ciao

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Anzelyne shideshe Quotes

life is a reflection, but don't let me be your mirror.Reflections are a prejudice.

Terrorism is a scary lifestyle, that Renders everybody an ambassador for peace.

Love is the salt of the earth for everything is seasoned with it.

Bad attitude is poison to one's soul.

Home is where i'll die without fear.

A pen is an exotic weapon

Life is a compulsory journey without detour! !

I never 'was' because 'iam'.

I love your scent of roses, bleeding from your redbloodcells, raises my Haemoglobin.

I love Bubble Gam Tastes like your lips.

Writing is an act of authenticity

Remnants create history

If you can't chew it grind it

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Anzelyne shideshe Popularity

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