'Come And Go' Poem by Pushpinder Kaur

'Come And Go'

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Come and Go

Two antonyms,
Two antithetical codes-
Two variants of life,
Two constants of change.

What comes, must go-
The waves of the sea,
The shimmering rays of the rising sun,
The silver lining of the clouds.

The Nature's Swing in the radiant rainbow,
The morning's dew on the freshly sprung grass,
Come and go; come and go-
The sun sets, the next day, sure to show!

Summer vacations-
A time for reunion, communion and sharing;
Pages of life spent away from each other,
Coming together of common goals.

Children coming home
To the warm hearths…
The fights over 'Monopoly'-
the heat, over 'Checkers'.

A time for special dinners-
Barbecued chicken,
Sautéed mushrooms
And ginger prawns.

Comes the time for children to go…
What had come must go
Those who had come must go,
to find their way.

Come and go…
Is what makes the boat row,
Thus must the grass of life mow-
Lest stagnation shall say, 'Ho'!

Pains of life
Come only to go,
Tears well up-
Only, to trickle down and go.

The womb says, 'go'
For the new life to grow…
Sunrise makes the sun come,
Making sure, it must go.

By: Pushpinder August 20 2014

Thursday, August 25, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: children,parents
When it is time for children to fly out of the 'nest' as they embark upon their respective life journeys, it is time for the parents for many new adjustments and realisations. Thus life's journey goes on- 'a never ending process of coming and going' and all the more better for that!
Raiven Moore 25 August 2016

very true and honest and we pass with each child our hope that their ebb and flows teach them how to live with only our guiding hands

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Randhir Kaur 25 August 2016

Pages of life spent away from each other, Coming together of common goals.... A different concept... very nice... Well explained the changes... a thing to mull over.. thumbs up..

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Pushpinder Kaur 25 August 2016

Thank you for the feedback.

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