Come On England Poem by James Lee Watts

Come On England

Rating: 2.8

The sun sets on my favourite day,
Daddy said they were gonna' play,
When we got there it was very dark,
And daddy had trouble finding a place to park,
We paid our money and walked in fast,
For people where angrily rushing past,
People went mad when they all came out,
At first I didn’t know what the fuss was about,

But I saw them run, jump and skip about,
That’s when I began to scream and shout,
“Come on England” was all I said,
I shouted so much the blood went to my head,

The whistle blew hard and started off the game,
You could hear the supporters shouting Rooney’s name,
The ball went up in the air,
And when it came down Owen was there,
He passed it straight down the sideline,
England’s class had started to shine,
The ball went in and we all jumped up,
Daddy accidentally knocked over his cup,
But we didn’t care for we where through,
The World Cup stages we were going to.

November 2004

Sylvia Spencer 25 February 2006

James this is just up my street/ I am a keen football fan, I wont tell you what team I support, I loved this poem, look forward to the World cup in the summer cheers Sylvie

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