Confused Poem by James Lee Watts


Rating: 4.2

How do I feel about the love you show?
Do I feel the same? I really don’t know,
And do I think about you all the time?
Would I still love you through trouble and grime?

You know that I love you; you know that I care,
You know that I will always faithfully be there,
If ever you should fall, I’ll catch you before you drop,
My love for you will never ever stop,

You say this but is it really true?
I don’t know weather to say I love to,
All I know is we cant carry on like this,
We’ll just laugh about this, and just reminisce,

Just say you love me and want to be near,
For my love for you is so tender and sincere,
Let me into your loving heart forever,
Lock me away and let me out never,

Do I want this? Do I want you?
Should I stick by you in whatever you do?
I’m confused about my feelings inside,
I want to just run away and forever hide,

Come with me, and say you’ll stay,
With me you have no need to hide away,
I’m offering my love as a gift to you,
Staying strong through and through,

Sylvia Spencer 25 February 2006

James such beautiful worsd for a person so young/ this is just one great write. cheers Sylvie.

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Claire Blake 14 January 2005

Great poem. Just lovely. Yes... Fantastic and great and lovely and everything. Well done, you.

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