Come On Sari Mavi (I And The Sun) Poem by Sari Mavi

Come On Sari Mavi (I And The Sun)

Hi Sari Mavi, I am your sun
Life is a long journey which I witnessed

While life is a collection of your days sped rapidly
When daylight came to move, you grow, mature
Began to meet bitter life

Thus, in one day, all of a sudden you're drowning in sadness, because of failure or loss
On the next day, you are pierced by pain
Hope the day soon passed

Sari, when the days are bad start coming in, you never know
When did he come knocking on the door

Are not you still laugh yesterday then the day after tomorrow you sink into sobs?
Yesterday you were blessed with a lot of things
And then you fell down, beaten hands down by life?

Really painful days. Do not combated painful days
Never you opponent, because you're bound to lose

Although you feel sick that day
I remain present with beautiful, as you can see now.. (I'm stunned)

Look at me, my red color tinge began to tread the horizon
I painted the sky with beautiful colorful mine
Looks very beautiful, is not it?

Although you feel disgusted by the day
But I will keep rising and rising
No matter what you feel

If you're trying to fight the painful days
If you hate it, really, it is very wrong
And it never solve the problems

O Sari Mavi
Embrace the whole hatred. Hold on tight
The only way for a peaceful heart
No need to be sad, do not be hated

Life is not about beating anyone
Life is just about peace in your heart
When you are able to settle, then (that's when) you have
Win the whole battle

Know, O Sari Mavi
I will always rises
And you watched spellbound
Even if closed overcast or fog
I will keep rising (along your life)

Come on, Sari Mavi - Did not you always can see a beautiful day in the worst days, though?

Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: painful
Unwritten Soul 10 February 2016

Although you picked the poem topic as painful..but i found the light behind is a Sari writing and Sari idea...writing a gold shining spirit like this will always keep you in winning matter how...There will be time where sun rise from the matter how long night is.. :)

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Sari Mavi 10 February 2016

Thank you ? yes Sir.. I'm not afraid with darkness because my sunshine..??

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Sari Mavi 10 February 2016

Thank you ? yes Sir.. I'm not afraid with darkness because my sunshine..??

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