Mother, I Love You Poem by Sari Mavi

Mother, I Love You

Rating: 5.0

Look - it's hair has turned white, shiny, silvery exposed to sunlight
Framing a face gently, who always hides fatigue

Behind the calm warm smile whoever saw

Not wanting to be seen as weak, helpless, even though the movement of your body no
longer agile

Slow, but eager to live a life

Without complaint, and has always been a
role model

I know you never cared numbers treasures that you have regardless of your hand, for
the sake of the survival of this
I know you do not want to trouble anyone,
even always want to give

I know you never asked back for all the sacrifices

Your love is timeless
Chant prayers never dried up like a spring in the mountains

O Mother -

Sincerity always radiated from the look on your face shaded
I could not find anything worth, which could replace my gratitude to you

'Never mind my daughter, I never expected any of your luxuries. Only devotion of a child to a parent, that's my real treasure! '

Sylvia Frances Chan 29 March 2019

I JUST found YOU, poetess from the Most Beautiful Country where I was born INDONESIA.saya lahir di-JKT tetapi krn urusan kuliah sy pindah ke-Bld. Your poem about your beloved MOTHER is so beautiful, loveliest and very touching. Thank you for sharing this most touching prose poem. God Blesses You Abundantly, Sari. Amen. Sylvia FC...........sekarang tinggal di NL

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Chinedu Dike 20 November 2018

A beautiful tribute to a loving mum, well articulated and nicely brought forth from the heart. Thanks for sharing Sari.

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Dev Anand 16 July 2016

very nice poem praising your lovely mother........... you are a wonderful daughter...

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Dr Antony Theodore 16 July 2016

Your love is timeless Chant prayers never dry like lake water O Mother - A wonderful eulogy for your loving mother. your mother is lucky to have such a great daughter...... thank you dear poetess. tony

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Kelly Kurt 02 April 2015

A beautiful tribute, Sari. Thank you for sharing. Peace.

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Sari Mavi 04 April 2016

Thank you very much my pleasure Peace to you too Sir

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Sari Mavi 04 April 2016

Thank you very much my pleasure Sir Peace

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