Come Young Pirates, X V I I I, Shameless Beneath The Flaming Sun Poem by Captain Cur

Come Young Pirates, X V I I I, Shameless Beneath The Flaming Sun

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Our eyes sighted this green and golden isle,
Bringing to each a simple hopeful smile.
Undercurrents pushed topside waves along
Which broke with thrilling sounds against the shore;
Scampering along the sea drenched morning sand
Undertows stayed their long and sweeping hands,
Glistening drops swept the sunlit beams aside
Rushing, receding, tossing with the tide,
The water straggling with a lazy pace
Returning to the liquid body of its race.

Swarms of birds against the skies rose and fell
Their ranks at times thinning, then they'd swell,
Gazing from this distance our infant eyes
Overwhelmed by the grace of things that fly;
For on these shores, nay, not a grain to spoil,
But cherish, to take respite from our toil.
Scenes of greenery aroused our senses
Bowing with an outward leafy presence,
Palm trees swaying, ringed with thick calloused trunks
To the islands heart veiny fingers clutched
Anchored to the depths of its ancient core
Mounting legions guarding the gateway to its door!

Moving through the trees in cadenced bands
Indigenous troupes sired by these lands,
Native beauty with pierced and soft toned skin
Entering warm waters began to swim.
Long carved boat's dipping paddles pulled the waves
Powered by strength of kind and fulsome ways.
Womanly pleasures, their endowment this;
Soft lips to impart a welcoming kiss,
Beauty honed by the tropical soil,
Arrayed in fruits, tanned by coconut oil,
Graceful curves, girlish smiles, elegant limbs
Sheltered on this isle from the world of sin,
Voicing songs in their ancestral tongue
Bodies shameless beneath the flaming sun.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: tropics,pirates,adventure
From a series of descriptive sea and adventure poems called, 'Come Young Pirates.' CYP for short.
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