Come Young Pirates, Of Guanche Women It Was Said (36) Poem by Captain Cur

Come Young Pirates, Of Guanche Women It Was Said (36)

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Of Guanche women; it was said,
adorned in jewels, fruits and palms;
'quite irresistible to their men.'
Known as a hardy race,
inhabiting an emerald isle;
friendly, inquisitive, but somewhat coy
graced with that native smile.
Hair ablaze in the golden sun
and they walked with a prideful gait,
skin alive with a bronze tinged glow
with a subtle shyness to their face.
Mannered, crafty, lithe, and strong
and knew their way upon the sea,
the Canary Islands their pure joy
and they spoke to the Drago trees.

And there was one that stood above,
a daughter of a mighty King;
on Tenerife Island her story told
of the love that a Princess brings.
Eyes as green as a sunned palm leave;
dressed in gowns of traded silk,
bright yellow hair that teased the air,
breast fed by queenly milk.
The island kissed those precious lips
where pinkish flowers grew,
from the lees and high in the trees
the grand canaries flew.
Long of limb with a soft lined chin,
a smile that lit the sky,
she bathed in dreams of silver streams
and all that touched her eye.

Galleons beached from the North and East
in the bluest island bays
assured the winds would blow and spin
and help them on their way.
The wooden masts were strongly lashed
and sails blew violently;
strong hulls that poked through tiers of oak
sat high upon the sea.
Steady winds play songs, sweet and long,
that sound inside the sails,
when heavy ships rode fast and quick
to the music of the gales.
On wooden decks bare feet would trek
wrestling the slightest breeze;
but, the fair sight, of gulls in flight
would set them at their ease.
Captains know when the sun's aglow
and the sea calm and smooth
that they must train for storm and pain
to keep a tight knit crew.

Friday, April 9, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: story,canary,islands,princess,pirates
Come Young Pirates, is a series of adventure and descriptive sea poems. In this segment the Captain is retelling a true story of a beautiful island princess. This story will be completed in later segments. The Guanches were the original inhabitants of the Canary Islands. The drago, or dragon tree, was a tree venerated by the Guanches. Tenerife Island is one of the Canary Islands.
Kostas Lagos 09 April 2021

Keep on travelling us with your magnificent poems dear Captain!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 19 April 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed this full complete story about the original Canary Islands Inhabitants, the emphasis on the Guanches women. Very interesting because of the captive composed poem. Much enjoyed!

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Varsha M 11 April 2021

Yes you write your story in poetic flow. It is just beautiful. Well penned. Encaptivating to see the caring nature of the queen.

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Dawn Cocks 10 April 2021

Magnificient poetry.

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M Asim Nehal 10 April 2021

Great story can't wait to read the complete story. Every time I read your poem the picture come alive to me as if it is happening in front of me.10***

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Dr Dillip K Swain 09 April 2021

Brilliant extension of the previous parts but it could be more precise if the poet could split the part shorter than its current appearance because many readers can't have patience to go through the long text

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