Commonality Poem by Cody Marks


Sometimes I can only wonder
If hate is the last commodity
That men have in common
In this present era

What is left to bind them
If they only feel a need
To disparage everything
They are not familiar to

Ignorance produces hate
For a man may feel
That if he knows not
He must like not

I see it everyday
When men try gadgets
Unfamiliar to them
New to their hands

The same can be said
Of ideas new and foreign
To the shores of their mind
Landing on their sand

But man has better buttons
He can push to grasp
For he is one who can learn
From fellows long past

He may wrestle and despair
Unsure of this untamed
But he can master this
He can mature indeed

Love can do this too
When we put down for good
Our mental weapons
Choosing to love anew

It may feel odd at first
It may feel sickening
But it will change you
Your steps and breath

Man can once again
Climb the peaks of prejudice
He may choose life's grace
Forgiveness and new daylight

If we cannot agree much yet
Can we at least travel
In a pack and take time
To love again one another

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: frontiers,hate,love
Bernard F. Asuncion 01 August 2018

Cody, such a well penned poem👍👍👍

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