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Day night day
Pray fear pray
Breathe still breathe
Life to death death to life

My eyes encapsulate many scenes
Passing by in my daily time
There are the treasures I keep
That no one may see like I

It runs deep in our veins
Desires for power
And the structures shift
Ever so swiftly


Blue gray and other hues
What bring you of heavenly news
The coming of spring rains
The snows of winter strains

A bird rested on a cross
Its eyes gazing the sky
The bright blue above
In a small moving city

For the right price
I give myself away
To princes, bosses,
Anyone who pays right

Broken hearts that fall into pieces,
Can anything else be expected
From something designed
To destroy what is love?

Sometimes I can only wonder
If hate is the last commodity
That men have in common
In this present era

Hope is eternal
A grace divine
It destroys the infernal
Ushering forth a new vine

My feet kiss upon the sand's grains
Foam feels ever so cool
Only a tender memory's wonderful gain
Such majesty a golden rule

Choose love on this day
For what else is there to say
Hearts are breaking and broken
Hate has in its tune misspoken


Today it is a blessing to be here
To see the flowers and trees
To hear birds sing their song
To see again my best friends

Will love win on this day
What will hate burn in us
Does love have a chance
If we are given the choice

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An aspiring poet, published my first book of poetry, 'The Travelling Pilgrim, ' in July 2020. Link for book: https: //

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Tasneem mohamed 16 April 2018

How beautiful is this! . Keep going it's awesome

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Cody Marks Popularity

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