Concepts Poem by Somanathan Iyer


Surface waters swirling fast
Deep waters remain calm
Materialistic world moving fast
Spiritual souls staying calm

Heaping praises based on age and gender
Hailing the efforts of meager and minimum
Eager all in helping the rich and famed
Hostile to the needs of commons who deserve

A note of hundred tucked in our pocket
More worthy than a thousand with other’s
A meager help comes in the times of need
More useful than a promise for future help

Suffice we feel after a hefty meal
Suffice we feel after a hearty pleasure
Suffice we feel after a fruitful life
Seldom we suffice in storing wealth

Strange are the ways of God in weaving our web of thoughts
We tend to look the other side without a deep insight
Solution for problems salvation for soul never lies with other side
Our inner self it is in making or breaking the much needed content

Wahab Abdul 23 June 2013

very nice one, i love it and keep going...enjoyed it reading

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Ravi A 27 June 2013

Very apt and philosophic. We don't realize these points. Simple living and high thinking - this idea has practically gone out of the society. A helping hand would really reach us if we really deserve it. This is the point. There is something that is called Providence. How many people have faith in the concept? A good sharing of your thoughts. Nicely presented.

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Valsa George 26 June 2013

A timely help coming from another is more valuable than promises of help in future when we donot really need them! In the same way what we have in our hand is worthier than heaps of riches somewhere else! Yes a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush! Some lines are like axioms! Enjoyed reading!

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David Wood 24 June 2013

A very nice poem. Keep them coming.

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We haave to select the way of Sreyas for the salvation of soul and of Preyasfo the worldly success.(Khathopanishad,2: 1-2)

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 23 June 2013

Still waters run deep. A bird in hand etc. Suffice we feel after a fruitful life. Nice sayings in a digestible poem. Thank you.

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