Cupids Arrow Poem by James Lee Watts

Cupids Arrow

Rating: 5.0

Find your target to curse with love and affection,
Pull back the arrow and point it in the right direction,
But don’t point it at me for I don’t want the sorrow,
There’s nobody who’s love I want to borrow,
I may be bitter and I may be twisted,
But it is because I was once ‘gifted’,
If that’s what you want to call it,
I loved her, every single bit,
You hit me straight in the heart,
Consumed my body with your poison dart,
I was the only one shot that day,
The only one who couldn’t keep there feelings at bay,
I was shot but she was not,
Was it all one big plot,
Knock me head of heels,
But not to change the way she feels,
Why didn’t you shoot her too?
Oh Yes, that was too much to do,
To make her fall as deep as I,
To hold her down, never say goodbye,
Never to leave me in the cold light of day,
Leave me speechless, nothing to say,
Not having the words to describe what she does,
Not being able to tell her its all because…
-Because you spitefully summoned me to your curse,
Making my life so much worse,
Each time I breathe I fall a bit deeper,
Falling, falling… steeper, steeper…
Trapped inside me your arrow still lies,
But the pain seeps through my eyes,
In the form of tears as she turns her back,
Turns her back on me, is good looks what I lack?
Or do I not deserve what I wanted for so long
Do you question that I will love her wrong?
Hurt her and make her want to run far away,
Well your wrong, eternity is how long she will stay,
Stay forever in body and soul,
Without each other we wont feel whole,
That was my oath, pledge for love,
Waiting for the arrow to hit us from above,
Suddenly one fell out of the bright blue sky,
It flew past so quickly, it just caught my eye,
That was the last time I saw it for it was deep inside me,
I thought this was what was meant to be,
We stood standing side by side waiting for her turn,
Standing in the sun, starting to burn,
The arrow never came but her goodbye did,
And all I could do was chase her like a kid,
So keep away, don’t come near,
You deprived me the words I wanted to hear,
And now you can do the same to some poor man,
Nothing can stop it, only you can,
Just make sure you carry two,
Before people want to hunt down you,
You make me sick, you’re a disgrace,
Your giving love an evil face,
Making love something that its not,
Killing peoples heart and spirit, letting it rot,
Save your arrows and use them for good,
Give two people a chance, you know you should
Point it away from me for I’m still seething from the other,
Go and spoil something for another!
Maybe you should point it at yourself,
Put your love on the shelf,
For someone to pick or are you afraid nobody will want you,
You’re not listening because you know its true,
What have we all done for you to curse us?
Why do you fill you arrows will evil puss?
Stealing peoples hearts, filling them with hate,
Maybe you have been summoned to it, its your fate,
Put down your bow, throw away the arrows, stop this now,
Let people fall in love like we know how…

Happy Valentines, I hope your glad I’m alone!

February 2005

Allan James Saywell 24 February 2005

Good effort james how much work did you put in, let me know Warm regards AJS

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