Confused Learner Poem by HASNAIN AAQIB

Confused Learner

Rating: 4.0

I am a naive and my language is novice
I am a yokel, I need thy august advice;
O thou prudent fellow! Let me kindly speak
A foreign dialect; which I often so seek.
I know, in India, word for 'work' is 'kaar'
And car in English means van; Leave it 'yaar'..
In English, hips are known as buttock
In Hindi, O dear, it means a duck.

The weft of my arteries is totally fused
Oh, teach me teach me easy, I'm much confused.
Bar means rod and 'bar' means load
Path is for way and 'path'is for road.
Shin means lower leg, 'shin' is a big pot
'Lot' means return and heap means a lot.
Purr is what cat does, and 'purr' means but
'Hut' means get away and cottage means a hut.

Cut it short sir, cut it really short
I want the whole idea to abort
'tis better to drive the herd of camel
Than to learn something that is so dull...
But tune to this poet's charming euphony!
To those who long to master words so many
Board means wooden slate and a group of directors

Or it means to get on ship, plane or elevators
Snap means to cut, and snap means to wink
Poetry never means pottery; drown means to sink
Sound means strong and sound is for voice,
Bank means to make money safely twice or thrice
And bank means to trust or a river's shore
Enough for clear minds, there in nothing more.
Sometimes brain works, sometimes common-sense
Losing courage is nothing but a deadly offense.

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