The Expansionist Columbus! Poem by HASNAIN AAQIB

The Expansionist Columbus!

Is it the same land that Columbus discovered?
Then Columbus is still alive, I have heard.
And lo, to what limit has grown his appetite!
That he fights with those, who do not wish to fight.
Is it a crusade, or a deadliest simple war,
To grab fuel for driving his lusty car?

The appetite of Columbus seems funded by mystery
This fact no one can forget, not even history.
But Columbus must have a mind of his own
Otherwise, how long does a boat take to drown?
He has grown into an expansionist
And his hopes are just fog and mist.
He is deceiving, of course, he is deceiving
His own people, thinking himself a democratic king.
Can we imagine, the fire that we lit, l
Won't return a spark or a flame out of it?
He thinks the fire he lit on a remote land
In mountains, plains or Syrian sand,
Would keep him out of the whole fuss
His role, no one, nowhere would discuss.
But it is the nature's simple doctrine
Every act wins a reward, a feat or a sin.
So, my dear expansionist Columbus, listen to me
If you can, with your own eyes, see,
Do it in present, if you haven't got Alzhiemer
Future will turn you into past, on is its timer.

Hasnain Aaqib 07 September 2013

Should I really thanks you sis, for your comment bcause a bro and a sis do not have any formal barrier of thnks and sry. so? But by the way, thanks is also a sunnah, Allah has said, one who is not thankful to a man, can not be thankful to god. your bro. hasnainx

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 06 September 2013

Wow bro dis was fabulous splendid rhymin, hardhitting bravo brave poem. D expansionist invasion intrusions go on indeed, pls revidw my latest, a gambling poem.

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