Most people ask me, what is a prophiem?
Will you tell us, from where does it stem?

To praise God is to pray Him, I believe

Autumn In Life

A man I see, with clothes tattered

Everywhere, anytime and forever
My soul, I will be your
Your are dearer to me than heaven
Why do you stay, reside in my eyes?

Is it the same land that Columbus discovered?
Then Columbus is still alive, I have heard.
And lo, to what limit has grown his appetite!
That he fights with those, who do not wish to fight.

She Is Innocent (Virgin Curse)

Behold that tiny girl, the age your sister or daughter

It was your family photo, my dear
That sought me to be very near.
In fact, it was you who insisted
Me to be in blue and red.

In the lap of baby-hills

Where the green grasses grow

Where God makes nature’s show

“All my senses bow to honour thee;
O demi-god of knowledge, and a huge tree…”

The tongue he owns of steel
Piercing through conscience, one could feel

I am a naive and my language is novice
I am a yokel, I need thy august advice;
O thou prudent fellow! Let me kindly speak
A foreign dialect; which I often so seek.

When my legs rested in Japan
For a certain time’s span
I witnessed there many a things
Some pleasant, a few with shattered wings.


Hunger, whenever this bloody monster calls

Reasoned by poverty or or good time's sudden falls

Wake me up before you leave
Wake me up so that I should believe
Wake me up for God's sake
Before you dare my heart break.


Poem: Axis

Love and Life

Love when tested in hard times

Love poem

Khan Hasnain Aaqib


I had not seen god, true!
I had never been to heaven,
I had never buckled my shoe
Till I met, in life, a person….

As an infant, I cried for milk
And mother fed me, so soft and silk
Was her love; I grew young and robust
Under the shade of her motherhood, safe from all dust.

Through this poem, Daffo, my friend
Let me, to you, my emotions send.
Belief, faith, confidence and trust
In friendship are mandatory and must.

Shereen and Farhaud are believed to be Romeo and Juliet of Persia. But historically, it is not so. The true story is depicted in this poem. hasnain

The days are naive and moments novice
Love stands amid the cluster of no choice.
Altering, cleansing the dirt off its gracious face.
Dirt of dilemma, giving gradual guess


Born: 08th July 1971 Born at: Akola, Maharashtra, India Poet, Literary critic, Research Scholar, Translator & Reflective Translator Published works: Ram-e-Aahoo (Collection of Ghazals) Khama Sajda Rez (Collection of Hymns and Prophiem) Iqbal Ba-chashm-e-Dil(On Iqbal) Kam-o-Besh (Literary research essays))


A Prophiem

Most people ask me, what is a prophiem?
Will you tell us, from where does it stem?

To praise God is to pray Him, I believe
So is about His prophet, you may perceive
Abraham, Moses and Jesus, for their age
Were god's prophets and delivered His message
To the world, and its people that were astray.
Then the last prophet, in Arab, let me say
That sun rose over the hills of Faaraan
And oneness of god he preached, and that is Imaan.
Some words, in his praise, like many I write
Taking my poetic art to its desired height
Just out of love for him, in fact, passion
I tread a path, by others yet not taken.
For such poem in English, I attribute a word
This word, I am sure, no one may have heard.
‘Proph' is for prophet, ‘em' is for poem, joined by ‘i'
I am telling all this, before you ask me ‘why'.
A prophiem wades through the life of prophet
His deeds, teachings, his person, and events he met.
Although on island of knowledge I am an elf,
The coinage of ‘prophiem' I owe to god and myself.

©Hasnain Aaqib


Hasnain Aaqib 21 March 2013

I hope my dear poet pals would not hesitate to comment on my poetry. I feel sorry for being absent from the site for a very long period. Now, I am back and will continue on poemhunter. thanks.

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