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1. Life Is Wonderful 7/23/2012
2. A Smile 7/23/2012
3. Synthetic Relations 8/3/2012
4. Dejection 8/3/2012
5. Four Lines For God 8/3/2012
6. Love, Ah, Sorry..... 8/24/2012
7. Farewel Love 3/21/2013
8. How The Bells Are Gone! 3/21/2013
9. An Attribute To Teacher 3/21/2013
10. Mother 3/25/2013
11. What I Need? 3/25/2013
12. Daffo, My Friend 3/25/2013
13. Farhaud, The Best Engineer 7/22/2013
14. Secret Of Growth 7/22/2013
15. Hunger 7/26/2013
16. The Wall 7/26/2013
17. U F O 7/26/2013
18. Prophiem 1 8/20/2013
19. Prophiem 4 8/20/2013
20. Prophiem 2 8/20/2013
21. Prophiem 3 8/20/2013
22. My Father, The Soft Rock 7/22/2013
23. Confused Learner 7/22/2013
24. School That I Dreamed Of..... 7/22/2013
25. I Didn'T Fit In The Frame 3/21/2013
26. She Is Innocent (Virgin Curse) 7/26/2013
27. Death Of A Butterfly 7/22/2013
28. The Expansionist Columbus! 9/5/2013
29. How Many Iraqs? 9/6/2013
30. To My Love... 7/22/2013
31. Autumn In Life 7/26/2013
32. A Prophiem 7/28/2013

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  • Hasnain Aaqib Hasnain Aaqib (3/21/2013 1:13:00 PM)

    I hope my dear poet pals would not hesitate to comment on my poetry. I feel sorry for being absent from the site for a very long period. Now, I am back and will continue on poemhunter. thanks.

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A Prophiem


Most people ask me, what is a prophiem?
Will you tell us, from where does it stem?

To praise God is to pray Him, I believe
So is about His prophet, you may perceive
Abraham, Moses and Jesus, for their age
Were god’s prophets and delivered His message
To the world, and its people that were astray.
Then the last prophet, in Arab, let me say
That sun rose over the hills of Faaraan
And oneness of god he preached, and that is Imaan.
Some words, in his praise, like many I write
Taking my poetic art to its desired height
Just ...

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Life Is Wonderful

Here are a few rambling tips
That I give through my lips
The best a robust man can do
Is to be and to see just true
Life is ordinal without the essence
Of a moral element in present tense
There are millions like you and like me
They tear themselves apart and feel free
And they don't dare to be the part

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