Consumed Poem by Amy Fifita


Rating: 5.0

I look in my own eyes,
What do I see?
A person I don’t know staring back at me.
What have I become?
I ask myself,
I used to be somebody else.
But that was before,
Before something occurred,
And now ‘who I was’ is just simple words.
Do I hate myself?
I have become lies,
Not said one, but my personality and I ask why?
The way we think,
Controls who we are,
I need to think in a way I am not scarred.
But at the same time,
I need to be me,
All I need to do is think differently.
But it is too hard,
Should I give up?
But that would make me more corrupt.
I look at what I’ve done,
What I’ve done to others and my own life,
I have even put myself to the knife.
But I am fine,
This you assume,
But really, I have been consumed.

Lynda Robson 15 January 2009

You write so maturely, this poem is how we all feel at times, I think we should all just be true to ourselves, 10 Lynda

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Aijaz Asif 14 January 2009

another marvellous write ma'am, its almost kind of easy to write on ther things but it's very difficult to write on yourself and i'm amazed how you pianted a selfportrait with extremely strong and powerful words...while reading it i felt as if i'm reading myself, bravo, bravo...even tho it almost looks like one of my own poem 'Stranger'....thanks 100+++++ and AA++++ for this master piece and added to my favs... rgds asif

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