Is It Really Justice Or Just Revenge? Poem by Amy Fifita

Is It Really Justice Or Just Revenge?

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Is capital punishment justice or is it revenge?
This is the question that I want to defend.
Is it really justice if you have to kill someone?
Or is the killing of a being just for your fun?
Is a murder really justified if the culprit spends less time in jail?
If so then it seems capital punishment is just easy bail.

They should be punished and not given an out of jail card,
All capital punishment is doing is spending money, cold and hard.
Wanting them to die doesn’t seem like justice but revenge?
It leaves blood on your hands when there life ends.
Life is full of trials and tribulations this is a must,
But if you kill a man then it won’t make life any more just.

Justice is using authority to give a fair decree,
But intended death to a being doesn’t seem fair to me.
Revenge is to satisfy in retaliation,
But death’s your one hit wonder, one satisfaction.
So I will always choose the criminals to defend,
Leaving you with your decision: justice or revenge?

Annomous 09 January 2019

This is a very good poem, I am going to use this for a allusion for my story. I made sure to cite that it came from here.

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Kesav Easwaran 14 January 2009

hope you wouldn't become a criminal lawyer...all criminals would escape! a well thought out write, Ash...any one who does not want to live could commit a murder risking his this not the emotion behind a terrorist's mind? 10

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Scott Austin 13 January 2009

You express your thoughts and feelings very well in this write...thank you for sharing it with us...may peace and joy fill your heart each and everyday. Scott

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