Cry Poem by Amy Fifita


Rating: 4.9

Cry it out,
Don't blleed it out
Dont slash at your flesh.
But I'm too late,
To give you advice,
You've blood on your open skin.
But who am I to tell you?
I do it too,
You're not the only one.
Don't bottle it up,
Don't kill you heart.
Your heart my be broken,
But your friends isn't.
Turn to her, to him, to them
They will care
If they are really your friends.
So just yell, just sceam,
Just grab someones hand,
Just cry.

Xy-za Dile 22 February 2009

really convincing and strong.. very nice ma'am =)

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written ith heart for sure...well expressed share and care piece that delivers your emotion well.............nicely done 10

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But I'm too late, To give you advice............ very good write... but it will leassen ur buring form insdie.... read mine 'cry not' that may provide some solace to u

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Mel Vincent Basconcillo 22 April 2009

lovely write.. ur tears on this poem are truly amazing and full of emotion..magnificent work

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Mohammed Albalushi 24 February 2009

true friends wil never leave u alone, that for sure and we should cry some time so we feel relife. nice poem i like it

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Lalitha iyer 23 February 2009

Don't cry crying is a waste rather poor in taste think it out sobbing over things which are over is nothing u cant change the past past is past present is the past of future now, wash your face dont cry your useful hours stand up and girdle for work think things out, work the days schedule come on, you are your god stand up and begin, today is the day smile, for you should love yourself even if all the world rejects u u must not dismiss u you should love yourself the smile on your lips are the roses u gift u on your birth everyday, hour, second........

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