A Simple Question Poem by Amy Fifita

A Simple Question

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It's not like I'm asking you the one millionth number in pi,
I just need you to answer my simple question: Why?
Why did you leave me alone in the dark?
Why did you leave my mum with your mark?
Why did you beat my brother and I?
Can you even look me in the eye?
Why did you cheat on my mum, your wife?
Why didn't you care about us in your life?
Why didn't you contact us until 2006?
It was like you throwing us like useless bricks.
You came here to try again you said.
You came back to get my mum rewed.
But all you did was hurt us more,
And I didn't even want to open the door,
To you my own father the one who's meant to care.
But most of my life you were not there.
Can you blame me that I don't want you around?
Do you care that I think your lies are your normal sound?
It is just a simple question with a simple reply,
But you can't answer my simple question: Why?

Daniel Brick 06 April 2014

This strikes me as a poem you had to write, otherwise the emotions would scratch themselves on the walls of your mind. That's one of the benefits of poetry - you can get ALL THOSE SENTENCES out in the open, and look at them lined up on the page knowing that the poem is your Declaration of Independence. And I mean this in all sincerity. If you will permit me to speak honestly, whatever reasons your father has for returning to the family are HIS reasons, but you are a separate human being, and you don't owe him anything except the love you freely give, or don't give. It's entirely your free choice. If you feel too hurt at this point to give him positive emotions, so be it. He will have to wait for you. Period. You see I agree with you this is a SIMPLE QUESTION, but it gets complicated when you have to consider all the other things in your life. Like your happiness. Never abandon your Pursuit of Happiness. It's the most precious thing in your life. (I live very far away from you in Minnesota, USA, so it's safe for us to talk by means of this secure link. I clicked on your site because I like contacting people in faraway places. And after reading your poem and your bio I just wanted to lend you moral support, because I think you're in dire need of someone saying, You're right as the rain and the sun, Amy, and don't let anyone make you think you're wrong! Be strong and do good work!)

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Her Name Is Taylor 04 June 2009

wow, wow wow... im really sorry...that was deep and if he read that..he should answer it...that was amazing

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David Desantis 24 February 2009

eh I'm sorry Amy. This sounds like a very difficult thing...i hope this helps you to heal, you have alot of talent.

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Lalitha iyer 23 February 2009

Dear Amy, this is the first poem of yours that I am reading. OH god, it kills me with the child's stabbing questions..........u r knifing through my heart.

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Tango 22 February 2009

This poem says so much, and contains a lot of pain. Perhaps one day in the future you will get your answer to the question. Tango.

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