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When she will enter my room
Every corner will brighten up with gloom
There will be an icy cold breeze
Sweet sensational feelings of her and mine

No regrets
Nay I have no regrets
For the time that passed away
Joys and happiness died

Pierced my heart
Rhymes thus I wrote
Love and loneliness
On the tide of thoughts tho float

One moment
Alas! That one moment
I’m still waiting for it to come
My fate is slow and time is on the run


in few lines
truth is defined
truth of love
feelings and mind

I am something that I wasn’t suppose to be
I was human full of love and purity
Now I am savage a selfish killer
Who loves his own dignity

Hello There
You there
don't look here and There

Feelings that I feel inside
Respect for the beautiful minds
They walk in front I follow them
With my head bowed and crossed my hands

I was born as a useless being
Sent in the myth of painful scene
Chain of venomous thorns put on me
Each moment when it ties

For whom are you searching
no one is here
to gather your shatered dreams
and wipe off your tears

Have you ever felt
Lost and alone
With people all around
And known as none

Night, nights sleepless eyes wide
sleep comes as disguise
Thou you asked love to
lend some happiness

painting was painted
and hanged on the wall
people are entering
the exhibition is on

On the time of judgment day
When there will be no mountains or plains
The earth will turn into pan
And there will be no hiding place

Lets go back their
Where I belong
Love filled atmosphere
I stand stiff and strong

I laugh when they laugh
I sing to kill my feelings
A smile with so much tears
Drizzle like rain silently

A mother wearing dark
Black cloth
Waiting, weeping and searching
For her child

dreams are wondering
in foggy mist
trying and searching
for love filled bliss

There are humans but no humanity left inside
They hurt their loved one’s with the dagger of lies
A silent tear dropped inside


Like a smoke in the sky
Blew away my burning desires
Pushed by bitter truth
I fell from mountain life

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hmmmmm....welllll.... I was born in Karachi, Pakistan (wow thats some amazing thing i'd done lol) by cast I'm Baloch and my zodiac sign is gemini...I love to read and write poetries almost all kind of but I mostly adored dark or sad poems, I become so called poet which I still think I'm not when I joined this site Poem Hunter, my first poem was ' Rage Against My heart ' after encouraging words from some of the great poets here on poemhunter I've wrote about 80 poems which are posted here, my poems mostly reflects myself in other words i write on myself and my feelings, the feelings I feel about surroundings and happening in the world.......I wants to say more but i know no one reads this, so its no use of saying true biography reflects this poem other words this is me ' what you wanted to see there is nothing to show just shatered dreams and tormented soul'-baloch)

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A Promised Love

When she will enter my room
Every corner will brighten up with gloom
There will be an icy cold breeze
Sweet sensational feelings of her and mine
She will stand at the bottom of my bed
And stare me with bright shiny eyes
Like stars in a pitch black night
She will hold me by my toes
And pull me with a tender blow
Away from this dark hole,
Hole made of flesh and bones,
She will kiss me with her lips
Which will feels like
Cold frigid bliss
I know she will come
And I am for sure
A promised love made by him
When he sent me in this hole
A true love is on its way
To take me away

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There's difference between sugar and honey, if u go for artificial sweeteners it will give u diabetes but if u keep it naturally no sickness will ever come near u, so keep and feel love as honey not as sugar...

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