Contrite Heart

Days of sorrow have passed and nights of wanting to find solace in arms of deceit are withdrawn.

His body of troubles is being comforted with eyes of love and kindness.

The grave of embarrassment has fitted his garments of unwashed stains with joys of washed tenderness.

She gave him tears of hopelessness that devoured his mind of trusting words of adoration.

He reached for his abandonment and found a heart of forgiveness with love.

What he thought was a stranger was a gift of peace through his storms.

Engraved with understanding throughout the vision of his misery she entreated his words of repentance.

Volatile words from outside interference surrounded her with pain and rejection.

She embraced his brokenness from above to assist with the process of healing.

Gone but not forgotten she delivers a powerful speech of unconditional love.

The wife of his youth has transformed into a sanctuary of praise that goes beyond their minds.

She has encrypted the hostile ways of her audience with cryptic songs of deliverance.

His contrite heart became the ammunition for love that was missing from his heart.

Written by Theodore Mosley
September 27,2017

Anil Kumar Panda 12 October 2017

A very nice poem.Thanks for sharing.

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Dawn Novus 28 September 2017

I Adore This Theadore

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