Corpse (Poem By Farrukh Ahmad) Poem by Sayeed Abubakar

Corpse (Poem By Farrukh Ahmad)

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Where the turn has gone revolving the broad street,
Where dust has left no scratch on the black tarred colour,
Beside the street, there lie corpses hiding faces on earth;
The evening crowd, I know, never keep themselves
Informed of those dead.

I know, human carcasses are lying
Hiding faces on earth;
The hungry insensate bodies are lying benumbed and still
Falling prey to starvation.
Crossing those corpses, well-dressed fiends, men and women, go;
-Stone houses,
Death prisons,
The adorned clever harlots have opened their brothels
With honey speech:
Who are ploughing the earth with exploitation and oppression-
That evidence is lying on the high way of earth,
Three and half cubit skeleton is composing the ultimate grave for man.

Along with the dead, there lies the dead humanity
Hiding visage on the road.
The sky has disappeared behind the arrogant's vaults and domes.
With the bellies being swollen everyday, they are dying here
On the soil, hiding faces on earth.

The devilish greed of these bestial inhuman hard-hearted shameless robbers
Is abolishing the universal human existence and man's legitimate rights;
Closing the doors, they snatch away the morsel of hungry mouth.
Now they build the sports-houses with human bones.
Its evidence is the corpses lying flat on earth.

The swollen bellied barbaric civilization-
This bestiality,
This cruelest curse of the century
Is poisoning the world of day
And the sky of night.

What civilization is this, mocking the extreme existence of man?
What devil, throwing man into death-trap, mocks now?
What Satan kicks now man's dead body?
Soaking the ugly body in blood and wine,
What evil spirit bursts out into laughter?
Man's lamentation reaches all the skies of the universe.

Into which instinct are they trapped now?
What Satan is throwing rubbish and mud on rose-petals?
With the poisonous desire, who fills the sky's colourful vault?

Keeping hand on whose hand, woman walks as sex-partner?
Of what civilization?
Whose hand drives knife without difficulty on the throat of child?
Of what civilization?
Cutting the rib-bone, who stirs the dance-tune?
Whose wine-cup glows with the blood-shed of workers?
Of what civilization?

How long ago man sacrificed himself to you, -
You take revenge of that, O the materialistic
Offering smile, you are drinking the child's blood,
You are torturing the raped woman's body without hesitation,
So easily climbing high through the stairs of people,
You throw them away on the edge of path beside the drain.

O the indolent destitute civilization!
Whose slave are you?
Or what animals are slave to you?
What a vile stage of man it is-
After whose torture, this tranquility; mud-house; burial alive
is lying flat hiding visage on earth.

Well-dressed people who are slaves to this material civilization,
Under whose feet's crash the earth and the sky wail,
They do not mark what a foul bad odour of excrement
Engulfs their whole existence bringing them to the level of beasts!
Dogs and bitches
In what adultery are stabbing each other with deception-knives
And bringing bastards under the sole of what dead civilization!
Showing the gesture of thighs, their women walk towards death;
Having intense greed in their hearts, the tyrant males
Walk towards the abyss of death discarding human course.

The panic of their exploitation
Has engulfed
The abode of tranquility,
Where the thin corpses are lying, hiding visage on earth.

O the material civilization!
O the pot-bellied exploiting society, the slaves to the dead civilization!
Go carrying the curse of man.
When the golden moment will come
Throughout the world,
Setting kick on your chained loin
I will drag you to the gate of hell.
Bear the curse of the tortured dying universe today:
Be ruined.
It is you, be exterminated.

Corpse (Poem By Farrukh Ahmad)
Sunday, April 8, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: humanity
Sayeed Abubakar

Sayeed Abubakar

Jessore / Bangladesh
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