12.12.12 Poem by Sayeed Abubakar


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Those who will read this poem composed in tears
In twenty second century after one hundred years,
Remember, this day of three twelves, we swore
We would love like no others loved before;
On 12.12.2012 this day, it was a golden hour,
We loved like a flower
And a bee; and on your
12.12.2112, you all will love too sure.
On that sweet day remember us for a moment,
Remember, we too spent
A heavenly life here;
You are now there.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: love,love and art,love and life,lyrics
English poem
Patricia Grantham 12 January 2013

What a good poem Sayeed, So thoughtful and true. It really sears the heart

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Sayeed Abubakar 22 December 2016

Your heart is open. Mind is broad.It is made only for love.

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Nasarudheen Parameswaran 09 January 2013

Here lies a day 12/12/2012 when we sang a nice love song like an epitaph.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 09 January 2022

We are now in the year 2022, TEN YEARS have passed now. Brilliant poem, dear poet.. Heart touching poem

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Sylvia Frances Chan 09 January 2022

Excellently worded and told, this poem I like vry much, since I love that too the numbers like 12.12.12, I ever created a poem with 11.11.11 That's a dutch feast of Sint Marten and it was the year 2011.

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M Asim Nehal 30 April 2021

A poem with handful of hope.

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Selim Reza 15 January 2020

Your poems are always full of messages, Sir.

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Denis Mair 23 February 2016

Immersed in the timeless experience of love, one is mindful of those who will have kindred experiences in the future. This poem conveys the open state of self that reaches across boundaries.

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Sayeed Abubakar 24 February 2016

Thanks, dear poet. Excellent comment.

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Sayeed Abubakar 24 February 2016

Thanks, dear poet. Your comment is really excellent.

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