Counting Petals Poem by Argentine Tango

Counting Petals

Rating: 5.0

This morn’ I awoke to a smiling rose that bloomed during the night
And even the rays of dawn could not outshine this aureate sight
It responded to my touch upon its stem, recalling memories of late
As though it had captured every moment in its veins infused in fate

Alluring was its scent, but sweeter still, the one that lingered on my skin
From caresses soft as petals and lips that marked where they had been
His image was planted in my mind where his words were rooted deep
What blossomed tantalizingly gave cause to abandon sleep

I could not gather words, for they lacked a meaning apropos
I hoped that through shared glances an understanding would surely grow
The loveliest of surprises stem from unexpected soil
In gardens undiscovered, amidst thistles or Contorta’s coils

For every dance and conversation held by moonlight transcendental
And for every kiss I sat and counted petal after petal

Jason Mcgookin 08 February 2014

i love this poem, good write. im sure we have all been there at some point or will be soon

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Kelly Seale 23 May 2013

oh Amanda, this is by far... the best I have read from you... Truly...Great Ink. I am humbled.; -) Kelly.

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