Dear Stillness, Poem by Argentine Tango

Dear Stillness,

Rating: 5.0

Still, are you here?
Still, it is I.
Still, you have found me.
Shrouded with the weight of your presence,
Shifting through what scars memory has captured,
Shredding through ties that have kept me intact.
Shrapnel splits veins, leaving venom to spread.
Still, you are no comfort,
Still, you hover like a thick mist,
Still, I am deafened by your whispered silence.
Still, I need you to go, but
Still, I want you to stay.

Kelly Seale 21 October 2012

Stillness, you stop my heart... words uttered, words penned, Still, I am with you till the end... -Excellent piece Argentine, Great Ink! ; -) -Kelly.

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Swimming in the still sea of significance yet making poetic waves! Well done my friend!

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Alla Simone 25 October 2012

Appealing honesty throughout. A well narrated, quiet emotional reflection that the reader can relate to. Thanks for sharing.

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Rick Elpers 25 October 2012

Argentine, I really like this poem! I'm caught in the stillness by reading this. Very powerful. A perfect illustration of the angst of being in that stillness. In stillness things are revealed. Rick Elpers

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Yash Shinde 29 October 2012

very lovely poem wonderful.........great use of expresssions............I am spellbound I am still! :)

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Søren Valentine 23 January 2014

Hmm... I like this. A lot. The last two lines... exquisite. Simply brilliant. Yeah... I like this. This... this is enough to put me in a pensive mood. Thanks.

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Aria Siren 23 January 2014

the more I read this poem the more I adore it! the unique style of this piece gave it structure and control while speaking about a fairly uncontrolled and wild emotion. I like the contrast.

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Anil Kumar Panda 27 October 2013

a different style and spilling of heart is great.keep inking.

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Naida Nepascua Supnet 29 July 2013

wow, i like the last line the most, we all feel it, stillness to go yet we want it to stay funny but its true. nice poem.

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Shivani Misra 29 October 2012

Wow nice one.. Keep sharing..

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