Dead By Morning Poem by Argentine Tango

Dead By Morning

Rating: 4.5

I should have known I could never fix your crooked smile.
They don't make a Photoshop for ugly souls.
You nailed into me thoughts and words at my weakest points,
drilled into my fault lines. I shouldn't have given tools
to a carpenter who'd never built a proper home.
So I did what I had to do.

I knew you'd be dead by morning.
I drew your inevitable last breath into my dream,
fed on the salt from the tears that you wept,
stole the words from your lips so as not to hear you speak
one last word that would imprison me.

I knew I'd get away with what I'd done.
No guilt, no regret would walk two steps behind me.
You won't find me reminiscing because there's nothing I will miss.
You won't find me begging for you, 'please, '
because I've never needed you less.

I knew when I awoke my soul was clean -
clean as a cut with a newly sharpened blade,
clean as a shot to the heart that led to spades,
spades that dug up the soil for your grave,
the grave in which I buried your memory
so you could never haunt me again.
You're dead to me now.

I knew you'd be dead by morning.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: memory
I just added the stanza at the top (9/10/14) . It's true, our work as poets is never done.
Kelly Seale 23 May 2013

This is Amazing! I LOve This! Great Ink! ; -)

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Serena Silenced 17 September 2013

Fabulous, Fantastic, A+ :)

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Khairul Ahsan 03 September 2013

My God, this is so straight forward! I loved the terse statement, 'I knew you’d be dead by morning.' 'stole the words from your lips so as not to hear you speak one last word that would imprison me.' These lines convey your mind so clearly! Loved the poem.

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Marcus Mckinley 24 July 2013

taking control is a hard thing to do but, when you are pushed to the braking point you must do what must be done. you have done just that. nicely done

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Shahzia Batool 29 May 2013

You are a straight-forward person in your life, it looks! this is my 3rd poem from this page, and i can say, you know your job well! ! !

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Nader Baheri 25 May 2013

fantastic. sometimes love changes to hatred and the best thing not to foster hatred is bury the memories. superb my friend~nb

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