Hope For The Lost Soul Poem by Argentine Tango

Hope For The Lost Soul

Rating: 5.0

The yellow smile of dawn has broken
Over the land of shadows
And every soul touched by the hallowed
Voice of Heaven spoken
Fear not for soon I'll come for you
Fear not what that day brings
You shall be wrapped in angels' wings
And flown to skies so blue
With nothing left to do but wait
I sit and ponder time
And what it means that a soul like mine
Could pass through golden gates
Tarnished, torn, and twisted ‘round
But recognized by some
As a perfectly imperfect human
Lost soul waiting to be found

Preston Simmons 18 January 2013

I think this poem illustrates the fact that we all have the ability to care for others. By doing this, we will be able to receive the things we are in need of. I love how this poem displays that there is light inside the darkest of days and that there are, and always will be, amazing qualities inside each of us. I think the first two lines are perfect for this poem, as it testifies to me that there are always many blessings to be found in each day that I live.

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A heavenly hope that is honorable. Thanks for sharing my friend!

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Rick Elpers 15 November 2012

On such a bleak night, your words give hope. Thank you.

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Robert Green 09 November 2012

As a perfectly imperfect human Lost soul to be found Not sure a lost one can be found! interesting write though

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Indranil Bhaduri 06 November 2012

wonderful expression in a composed manner. enjoyed!

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