Argentine Tango Poems

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Desert Romance

The desert is jealous of the clouds.
Lonely below their shadow it awaits
its one true love - the rain.
It thirsts for its presence,

A Heart So Hollow

Oh how graced I must be to walk the hallowed halls
of that thing you call a heart.
A cold draft follows me out, for even the air is stale
and needs an escape.

Melancholy's Mirrors

I gazed into Melancholy's mirror
And found the more I reflected on it,
The more it reflected on me
Providing a perfect symmetry

Dear Stillness,

Still, are you here?
Still, it is I.
Still, you have found me.
Shrouded with the weight of your presence,

'Let Go'

“Hold on”
It rose, separating itself from the world it resented,
The heat of anger filling its puffy cheeks.
It was downcast and carried a shadow wherever it went,

Has Fate Forgotten?

Has fate forgotten?
Has that unspoken promise
forgotten to shake hands with time?
Its perspicacious presence

Dead By Morning

I should have known I could never fix your crooked smile.
They don't make a Photoshop for ugly souls.
You nailed into me thoughts and words at my weakest points,
drilled into my fault lines. I shouldn't have given tools

Dance Of The Pines

It was the eve of the reckoning.
The moon shone as a spotlight,
Searching every pine for answers.
They whispered secrets to the night,

Lady Of The Ocean

Toes curled in the grains of sand,
The Lady of the Ocean
Holds the power of the sea
There, in her outstretched hand.

Hope For The Lost Soul

The yellow smile of dawn has broken
Over the land of shadows
And every soul touched by the hallowed
Voice of Heaven spoken

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