Lady Of The Ocean Poem by Argentine Tango

Lady Of The Ocean

Rating: 4.3

Toes curled in the grains of sand,
The Lady of the Ocean
Holds the power of the sea
There, in her outstretched hand.
Powerful it is.
She feels it.

Salty breeze licks her lips,
The current sways her hair,
Tide, in and out rules the beat
Of her heart as ships
Fall under her orders,
Where fluid are her words
Capped in promises so white
That expand to all her borders.

How it storms! And with such might!
The haze descends upon the sea,
A mist to blind the sky as
Her eyes turn greens and grays.
The eternal dark blue, vast in all its mystery,
Never weary, never sleeps,
Powerful such as to swallow a city, and
Drag sailors to a cold, deep, lasting misery.

Still it finds it must obey
The Lady of the Ocean
Who commands it from the bay.

Søren Valentine 28 January 2013

I really enjoyed the way you incorporated nature (and the sea no less) into your writing. I might be a tad biased towards the ocean and beaches but still, very good job! Enjoyed it very much. :)

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Vikrant Jog 25 January 2013

The way you have painted the essence of the nature is commendable. I loved this work.

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Rinku Tiwari 03 January 2013

Great line with lovely mean: -* Happy New Year

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Saadat Tahir 02 January 2013

Lovely lines...similes literaly dance with the surf Enjoyed Hpy new year

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