Covid-19 Creeps Into 2020 Poem by Deanna Samuels

Covid-19 Creeps Into 2020

Elegy of the Covid-19 Virus

How could a microscopic molecule, unseen to naked eye, bring the world to its knees?
It was said that a bat and a civet had intermingled, the bat had disease in its blood
The civet was snared and sent to market, its body full of virus, disease and danger
Danger to the hundreds of animals in an unhygienic open air market
A purchase was made, the civet taken back home, a meal prepared and partaken
Soon, a fever took hold, the person hospitalized, a new virus unfolds, death came swiftly
The civet's malady had found a way to jump from animal to human
Human biology had no defense for such an unknown virus within its form
Slowly at first, a few people were infected, kept quiet by those in the know
The disease leapt from body to body, many became ill and death count mounted
Too many a number now to hide, was declared to the world at large, alarm bells sounded
The source city and surrounds were put into lockdown as so many were falling ill
Too late, visitors and residents fled the scene, unknowingly, taking with them death unseen
Mingled with folk throughout earth's lands, pockets of others became unwell
More outbreaks reported in cities, towns and villages throughout parts of the world
WHO looked on, keeping an eye on situation, did not yet consider it a world outbreak
Another week passed with numbers fast rising, WHO finally called a Declaration
A world epidemic had come to pass, do everything possible to combat the scourge
Deaths and infections had grown into thousands, WHO at last declared a Pandemic
The next week or two, outbreaks on cruise ships moored off port, took the world's attention
Passengers restricted to staterooms with two week quarantine, one hour deck walk per day
Hospitals put in place restricted admissions, coronavirus checking stations opened off site
Then it became clear that close contact was the enemy, something drastic had to be done
All educational establishments were closed down for three weeks with option of more
Recreation facilities - arenas, stadiums, pools and gyms - by the thousands, required to close
Theatres, cinemas, concerts were cancelled or postponed, private functions, too, were over
Other badly affected countries went into complete lockdown, movement of citizens deterred
Deaths mounted relentlessly without cease, new infections continued alarmingly
Government took over the flow of the land, borders closed, population horded supplies
Air flights reduced almost to nil, public transport cut by half, citizens advised to stay home
Traffic still flowed but much reduced, a former two hour journey cut down to a quarter
The whole world without exception was plunged into an unknown set of circumstances
It was tested by the 1918 Spanish flu, SARS, H1N1, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, flus of 1957, '68 and 2009
The Earth came through somehow, millions dying then, but now, a new virus, nothing to combat
Countries around the world put countless scientists to work to find a cure, a vaccine for Covid-19
World Governments locked down their lands, no entries allowed to spread further this disease
Citizens urged to come home if they could, flying disallowed if symptoms already within
The Prime Minister addressed the nation daily, ministers explain their own role in procedures
The population grateful to be kept informed, to understand how government keeping order
What new measures being taken to combat Covid-19, this deadly virus entering bodies unseen
Cities, countries throughout the world further extend complete lockdown, two billions involved
Never has the world faced such an unprecedented time, faced with an unseen enemy within
Exchequer coffers have opened wide to help those now in need, job loss, children stuck at home
Personal space has become new vogue, keep two meters distance from each other
Seniors urged to stay indoors, don't step out without urgent cause, get supplies delivered to door
Further closedowns of all city playgrounds, skate parks, public places, to avoid personal contact
Essential suppliers open doors an hour early for elders to do their necessary shopping and chores
Businesses advise will help with shortages - make needed ventilators in place of vans and cars
Hand sanitizer instead of beer, surgical masks and gowns instead of latest fashion gear
Entrepreneur volunteers find a way to help people on line, guide them through this difficult time
Neighbors urged to help housebound, pick up food and supplies when they are out to store
Enterprising residents entertain each other from their condo balconies or front garden porch

How can we thank enough all those front line workers, putting their lives in the forefront of danger
Whether keeping hospitals open, caring for those ill, already the loss of doctors and nurses too high
Fire and police stations, pharmacies, service stations, garages, cleaners, corner stores - keep open
Supermarkets, stores for essential household supplies too - how could we manage without them

In these uncertain times, with Covid-19 still raging, no one knows how or when it will end
The virus will rage and spread relentlessly, take its toll, old and young, rich and poor will fall
All we can hope is that when its ravage is done, humankind will heal, rally, learn and at last, unite

Written at Courtice, Ontario - 20th March 2020

Thursday, March 26, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: deaths,disease,virus
Covering the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic and up to 26th March 2020
Deanna Samuels

Deanna Samuels

London, England
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