Marieta Maglas

Gold Star - 5,652 Points (19-05-1964 / Radauti, Judet Suceava, Romania)

Crazy Baboon Eats Flamingos (Fable) - Poem by Marieta Maglas

Flamingos survive in the caustic space of the volcanic lake.
Flamingos' beaks skim tiny algae from the water's surface.
They watch out for predators like jackals or eagles, to make
Their mud-cone nest for holding the egg with their grace.

Flamingos have a behavior because they dance in the light
Bowing, bending their necks, signaling with their wing,
Running back and forth, and then, suddenly taking flight
To wheel around the lake, seemingly searching for something.

Recalling the ancient Phoenix myth, that immortal bird
Was consumed by flames, then rose from the ashes,
With such a poor sense of taste and smell as I never heard,
With a long neck and legs, faint pink feathers and yellow eyes.

Pinkish-white with red wings and two black flight feathers
It was founded in Africa, as well as Iran, India, and Spain,
Risking from predation by marabou storks and Egyptian vultures,
Lions, leopards, cheetahs and jackals, risking again and again.

Swimming and flying, living in mangrove swamp or lagoon,
It feeds on diatoms, seeds, crustaceans and algae,
Recognizing their chicks by vocalizations under the moon,
Caribbean with crimson or vermilion, Chilean with pink so pale.

Greater flamingos, scarlet, pink colored overall, all day
Extremely gregarious and living always in huge colonies,
Known as social birds for their community sounds display
Including 'head-flagging, ' 'marching' and 'wing zealots.'

The Hamadryas baboon being the largest type of monkey
Originate from Saudi Arabia and Yemen, he is a fine mild.
Preferring rocky desert, it seems born to be chunky
Being a very intelligent primate endangered in the wild.

With a fluffy coat, his females have a brown haired whilst,
And he is their maleness, silvery on his back and shoulders.
With face and buttocks brightly colored and hairless
They eat plants, meat, grass, insects, mammals, and lizards.

Dominating up to ten females at a time, grooming and playing,
Forming clans, clans forming bands, bands forming troops,
Flocking to the lake in hopes to grab a meal, they are staying
In summer seasons, flocking together, to see flamingos groups.

Searching an individual, eventually standing out of the crowd,
He lives on the edge of the flock, a color individualistic.
An outsider living by his own standards, maybe very proud,
He ignores the hungry baboon, whose skill is no more artistic.

Nature is so unbelievably close to the moral world,
In which we humans dwell with a lot of similarities.
Being an individual socially and sometimes becoming hurled,
He lives in a crowd being socially stronger in front of enemies.

The rest comes down to character, and as I said before,
A weaker character will certainly cease easily and soon
Being like the flamingo on the edge who is more
Likely to break from being ‘eaten' by the Baboon.

Poem by Marieta Maglas

Topic(s) of this poem: animals, crazy, nature

Form: Rhyme Royal or Rime Royale

Comments about Crazy Baboon Eats Flamingos (Fable) by Marieta Maglas

  • Malaya Roses (7/9/2010 11:13:00 PM)

    Only the strongest shall remain on top of power and last longer.
    Only the wiser shall remain alive in the circle of civilization
    and only the best can find real meaning of happiness.
    Very clear that every living thing adopt the same habit and behaviour.Their fate and destiny same as human.
    I agree and thanks for sharing you point of view.
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