Criticism Poem by Charles Garcia


Rating: 4.5

There is no such thing as constructive criticism,
Its not a nice thing to do, you do it, you say it
Can’t take back the words becomes a part of you,
Why can’t people do what is right, be polite,
fact is you get more sweetness from honey than
Vinegar this is true.
Smiling when being critical doesn’t make it right,
As the meaningless of your thoughts is not to be
Mistaken vicious from the start.
Why do people criticize when they know its not
right, is it an ego trip to get their way or just a
Power trip to show off their might, of their ignorance
at best, Why can’t people say things that make
People smile, make them happy in this day!
Say I love you, what can I do to make you happy,
Hold me tight that is the criticism I want
To hear from you to night.

August 21 2004

Blue angel Florida 03 October 2007

That one stroke on my head :) Well done Mr. Garcia, I shall learn from your wisdom.

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Con Nie 02 April 2006

I love the line: Hold me tight that is the criticism I want. I think any of us who were criticized severely as kids or even as adults could relate to this.I think showing more love to others is much better than criticism. If people ask you for your thoughts on something, then maybe that is different, but even at that, it is better to tell a 'white lie' or don't say anything at all than to be hurtful and cruel. I have always believed that. Thanks for writing this poem. Sincerely, Connie Webb

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***** ********* 24 February 2006

I personally think constructive crit is good as long as it constructive and given in a respectful way Charles. Pointing out typos is handy too. I believe your poem is addressing, destructive crit, where the poets feelings and ambition is crushed by unnecessary de construction of their work. I agree this sort of crit is very damaging to a young writer or any writer, we are all sensitive souls. I personally am learning as I go and I hope my poems improve and develop with the knowledge that I gain on my way. A thought provoking poem Charles.9 from Tai

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