Cry My Tears Cry Poem by Lungelo S. Mbuyazi

Cry My Tears Cry

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Cry my poems cry...
Pen cannot ink it all

Amble along with them all;
Convey my heart-felt deeds to all;
Cross this millennium to the next;
Ascend these mountainous teritories all,
To shake the hearts of all Directories

Tell' em folks that,
I'm possessed like a demon,
With the ages drop of tears,
Abounded me like a dandelion;
Haunted & hunted me like a prey

Despised like a mangy dog;
Dented & dispossessed
Like a scrap of a metal
Degraded & denigrated,
Yet her love never defeated

Cry my love cry...
Lust never last!

Revoke yourself about,
How irresponsive yu were with her;
Fittingly yu were manliness to her;
Coerce crippled & cursed her
Like a slave

Though with her knees,
Bent to serve seasonally
Like a faithful servant,
To perfect the love of work,
And worked like a nun
Until her body felt num

Remind yourself about,
How she loved you, but
Treated her like a scrap of paper
Paged & read at every sunset,
In the sunrise thrown in the garbage

Cry my heart cry...
Gold never rust!

I couldn't careless,
Let it shatters, with
This crone of our system,
That'll perish like a flame of
The candle in the air

I flee 100 000 light-years
To God of the celestial spheres,
Ar empresta mim seu vista
To x-ray the heart of an Earthly angel,
Insight with her, I neva honestly honered

To accumulate bits & pieces
Of our juvenile love & lost,
That forever echos truce,
From the spring seasons,
In the springs of ice ages

Cry my soul cry...
Life never lasts!

That I loved you, is a fact;
Being with you was pleasant;
Your hands warmed my heart;
Raised my head with your grace;
Restored my gaze on the winning posts

You made me be myself,
In this marathon of trails & triumps,
As you scratched & pat my lustre,
In this scorching heat & desert
Of despair, dispossession & debts

I fell off like a ripen fruit,
From the trees of our bondage;
Like a ferromagnetic leaf,
You assumed me to
Your seductive heart

Had my course closed
Like a grave in the sepulchre;
As yesyteryears' seconds
Have passed away;
As she let me in her world

Cry my tears cry...
Oceans never dried!

Alas! Alas!
Now that she's not
- - - - - - - - -
Who will bandage
My gaping wounds?
How will I face
This lonely world alone?
Wiping the tears of
All man-made orphans?

Friday, November 24, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: hopeless,loneliness,love and life,psalms,sad love
Bernard F. Asuncion 24 November 2017

Such a brilliant write, Lungelo.....

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Dr Dillip K Swain 21 November 2022

This is a wonderful poem

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Lincoln 26 June 2018

Wow! Sad emotional feelings are overflowing in this elegy poem... excellent

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Lungelo S Mbuyazi 26 June 2018

Thanks once again Lincoln for your nice comments

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Simon 25 June 2018

I always refer to this poem when the storm of love hits... I love this poem, contains lots of meaningful thoughts

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Lungelo S Mbuyazi 25 June 2018

Thanks for it helps you get rejuvenated...much appreciated

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 20 June 2018

Your beautiful thoughts and feelings are overflowing in this marvelous write. The opening stanza is very moving. And the closure is just amazing. A great piece of work.10

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Lungelo S Mbuyazi 20 June 2018

Many thanks for such wonderful feedback to this poem...Thanks for your positive thoughts

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Britte Ninad 05 June 2018

wow the poem is crafted excellently - like to quote - I flee 100 000 light-years To God of the celestial spheres, Ar empresta mim seu vista To x-ray the heart of an Earthly angel, Insight with her, I neva honestly honered ...O love come hither hither I am alone All me have gone just a figure of bone without marrow boon come hither o love and erase the tears of heart I am but none without your touch great 10++++

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Lungelo S Mbuyazi 06 June 2018

Thanks for reading my poetry..... Great additional verse Britte! May I add it to the poem?

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