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I'm afraid but
I cannot take in
Your landslide defeat
Every second of my life

Let love love us all,
For it is us who chose it be
Of a certain tribe and race,
As if we are to win a race

Cry my poems cry...
Pen cannot ink it all

Politicians may say
It's discrimination,
South Africans felt
It was apartheid,

I often think I am special,
So I need my space,
There peace comes and whispers:
'Loneliness is a disease, ' sadly

Like a cute young tree
Bees invaded my kraal;
Hid under my leaves,
During scorching days

I get home tired at midnight,
With a peach on my hands;
I throw a peach on my couch;

Be hold, my son.

These customs does not warranties
Customised parenthood and families;

Be hold, my son.
Thou coins does not grant
A mannered citizen membership.
I know what the nation requires:

If poetry was war,
I would be a soldier on a stage,
With a pen and paper on my hands.
Ink would be my armor-bearers;

Xola nhliziyo yami,
Uthando lukwehlulile.
Owayithembisa, uyayithanda; uyalile.
Ingepheph' inhliziyo yay' idabukile;

I'm someone that
With this poem am provoked;
One that my love for
Poetry are all but evoked.


Bathi okungapheli kuyahlola,
Bhek' usiba lugil' imihlola;
Luthwal' izinguzunga zamadwal' emicabango;
Lufukul' izingebhezi eziqini zobuchopho;

Oh! Alas!
I've been trying to
Accept but it futile:
Is this for real?

There, there you came unexpectedly
Made me love you, need you & want you

You hijacked my eyes;

When I crushed into you,
My world swiftly crumbled.
Was I picking up the pieces?
On my knees begging you

O! Most dear!
I came to you as a servant
Now, I live with you like a king.

Forever your omniscience,
Will live in my heart.
From infancy to manhood,
Taught me to take responsibility;

When you walked
Into my world,
Within seconds
I went upside down,

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Life is unprecedentedly short. I hope my poems arouse your deep emotions of caring, responsibility, learning and reading.)

The Best Poem Of Lungelo S. Mbuyazi

Vibrant Love

I'm afraid but
I cannot take in
Your landslide defeat
Every second of my life
Since I confessed
My love to you
I'm consumed with disbelief
Why am I so deprived?

You vigorously outstriped
My heart depth with your,
Paradise piece of love,
With your continental smile

You summoned deep feelings
Of caring & responsibilities
That causes the walls
Of class divisions
And race segregations
To tremble & tumble
To dust

Yawning stereotypes,
Religious divisions
And socio-economic
Trends to melt in
The warmth of love

Vibrant domestic
Feuds & vendetta
To fade in waves
Of reconciliation
As yesterday's clouds
Vanish leaving
The blue skies of love

Fuelled by the
Foundation of love
Resting on the rock of
Ages that cleft for the love

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Lincoln 25 June 2018

Your poetry is amazing Lungelo, you may thrive to publish your work.... It must be taught at school

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Simon 04 December 2017

I have enjoyed reading your work, Lungelo. It's pretty amazing......

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Unknown 21 November 2017

I like the style of your writing and playing with words.

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Lungelo S. Mbuyazi Popularity

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