Curses In Old Age Poem by Raghavan Warrier

Curses In Old Age

Rating: 5.0

During my school days it used to be Commander Mary
Who owned me like her Private and made me merry
When her rule became oppressive and results depressive
I decamped from her regime and jumped from her ferry
Now she torments me as headache and stiff neck in the mornings.

Then I fell in for the frame of beautiful Gita
Mesmerized by her beauty and attached to her like a kitty
She pawned me for her pleasures and played me like a pawn;
Till I slipped out of her net to save my wallet.
Maybe it is her curse
That makes me forget and look like an idiot.

In the young age I lined in with sensitive Lily
Whose rain of tears made me beg, plead and pledge
And follow her like her servant wherever she went.
Until I discovered she will feed the elephant
Of my desires with only a banana at a time.
Then I withdrew from her presence ignoring her protests.
Surely it is her curse that is the cause of my tremor.

Then for a few days I was a sidekick to arrogant Gracy
Acting as her bouncer and unpaid secretary;
Till my efforts drew laughter from the crowd
And too much hard labor for very little reward.
So I resigned from the post to her great annoyance.
Maybe she still stays as an ache in my lower back.

Hey young flirts! Be careful when you play;
When you hang up your boots and decide to quit
The injuries from the field will haunt you till the end
As pain, weakness and trauma all over your self.

Thufail Ahmed 26 July 2007

Thanks for the smiles...I am lost for words..........

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Linda Ori 18 December 2006

Old Age? You're still a younster! lol! They say your biography becomes your biology, so careful how you sow those wild oats! Just like sports injuries, they'll jump up and grab you when you're older. Great write! Linfda

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 10 December 2006

A broadly unique penning, indeed....interesting variable Rhyme pattern, and quite the innovative flair for subjext matter & your gift to paint a story true! Fine Work. fjr

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