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Meandering inside the confines of my solitude
I asked the forest, which tree is your boundary?

Just read the first line of my poem
And if you don’t feel like reading
The lines that follow, then maybe
Bin it; it isn’t worth the trouble.

When I was taken over by desire
I consumed myself in the fire
Forsake my book of wisdom
Forgot the pleasures of freedom.

Look! Those who win have plastic minds
Ready to mould and ready to bend
And always taking, a shape that sells.

I came to you to “embrace the wings of void”*
Like a boat without a sail and oars to guide;
Along your banks and away from the crowd
You walked me through timeless present

During my school days it used to be Commander Mary
Who owned me like her Private and made me merry
When her rule became oppressive and results depressive
I decamped from her regime and jumped from her ferry


A word and feeling that rolls back a million times
Eluding its true meaning; evolving into new feelings.

As a child it was the warmth of mother’s bosom

On that cursed date
As I was getting a little fidgety
With my throbbing eccentricity.

The plot is hatched and the plan is perfect,
The ruse is made up and the noose is ready.
They are mad, with murder and spite
You are sadly, alone in this fight.


Soothing and gentle
your calming presence.
Extending your hands
To ease the thuds

Stingy green
Dirty brown

If I die today and become a ghost tomorrow,
Will I be an idle ghost full of sorrow?
No I will be a very busy one,
And will spare none.

Rein in and bridle your steeds of passion
While waiting for glimpse of the divine beauty.

Patched up Guy
You are a curse.
Covered in sins
But showered with praise.

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Another brick in the wall-Pink Floyd)

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Meandering inside the confines of my solitude
I asked the forest, which tree is your boundary?
The trees shrugged and told me;
We are real, but the forest is in your dreams.

Crushing under the garland of a life threaded on desires
I asked the toddler how you play with angels and chat with stars?
Little one cooed, the weight of your dead knowledge makes you heavy
I play in my ignorant bliss in the palm of God.

With my head splitting in the confused balance sheet of life
I asked the seagull what makes you fly free of worries?
The bird replied, I flap my wings only in the freedom of present
And don’t care about the rest.


What makes the gospels, dear to millions?
While my poems are trashed, in the bins of time.
The energy of love cuddled in those words and
The darkness of my ego knitting those lines.

Fed up with traveling in the linear time of past to future
Wandering aimlessly in forests of forms and names
Bored with unraveling chains of cause and effect
I long to be freed into Your meadows of timeless space.

Where is the edge of reductionistic space and time
A point of mathematical singularity
From where I can jump, into eternity
And float in Your great void.

The great void of dynamic emptiness
The holistic energy of a nascent universe.

To join Thy kingdom
Where You trade happiness in the markets of silence
Barter love in the battlefields of death
Drop a gem of hope in the urns of history

For me to look forward to; to live.

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Trinity K 18 December 2006

raghvan, plz. your passion for your verses is now so evident.......we want kill the most loved.......its a fact of love.........nice thought......

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