Plastic Minds Poem by Raghavan Warrier

Plastic Minds

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Look! Those who win have plastic minds
Ready to mould and ready to bend
And always taking, a shape that sells.

Willing to love at the click of a button
Eager to leave at the dropp of a hat.

Pretend to accept a load of lies and
Extend in return utter falsehood.

Brilliant saint of selfless love and
Willing trader of global gossip.

Daring rebel of the virtual world; but
Pathetic mongrel, once challenged.

A fiery critic of systems in place; but
A cunning trader for the price of bride.

Plastic minds are malleable and ductile
Ready to mould and ready to bend
And always flowing along the trend.

Words of sympathy, full of empathy,
Words of love, full of concern and
Words of chivalry, fit for a knighthood

Plastic minds are full of words
Ready to give and ready to break
And always used to cash in a gain.

Plastic minds are masters of deceit
Ready to beg and ready to bow and
Always choosing the winning side.

Preeti - is here! 30 May 2007

AH! i've met such people too! You've put them perfectly in words! !

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Anjana Aravind 12 April 2007

Plastic Minds, indeed! ! ! ! ! ! What an expression. I have met a few of them. Excellent poem. Anjana

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 18 December 2006

Dartingly creative work, here, Raghaven...Unique stanzaic pattern..alternating couplet & tri-verse stanzas.Also like th' acrostical 'perception 'employed by utelizing a repetition of patterned letters to begin a verse..a real teaser, or perhaps an underlying message that you got me on? Great work, my friend....You need to write some more new work...LET'S GO! ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''F j R

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Asma Bahrainwala 08 December 2006

' Those who win have plastic minds (not all though) Ready to mould and ready to bend And always taking, a shape that sells.'....Quite true... There is no dearth of such 'plastic minds' in the world... Asma...

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