Cyanotic Lips (For My Blueberrygirl)

Rating: 5.0

So will you walk with me,
I know the paths
that lead into the dark
and wondrous shadows
cast by ancient pines,
there are so many secrets
hidden in the canopy
where leaves of different hues
shield them from prying eyes.

So will you swim with me,
I know the currents and
the underwater caves,
down at the estuary
where the Mama Willow stands,
I'll help you sit upon
the softest coral sand,
and show you the small fishes
as they come and look
caressing legs and thighs.

And will you fly with me,
up to the stratosphere,
where clouds are thin
and only special birds
are seen, where air is scarce
and we will tumble
from the lack of
oxygen, but we'll be fine,
I'll take your hand
and guide your lovely arms
so you can be attached to me,
just squeeze my neck
and lay your cheek
right next to mine,
I like your touch
and we will fly to ever greater heights
into a place called Paradise.
I've been, for ages
of a mind to tell you of my plan
and as we rise I ask you,
lovely bird you are
to kiss my cyanotic lips.

Fay Slimm 19 February 2009

Full of adventure and tender invitation - - it literally swings when being read aloud - - and the whole gels into romantic line par exellence. a sure 10 from Fay...

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Cherry Sha 19 February 2009

what an amazing plan.... beautiful.

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Kris Smith 19 February 2009

Wonderful write H had me fron start to finish 10 ++++ Chris

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Fiona Davidson 19 February 2009

Beatiful poem Herbert....(would you like an oxygen tank lol) ....thank you...Fi 10+++

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