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Maybe a little romance is needed
Lightening our days in all this grey
To place a smile on our faces

100 million stars I would give to you
No matter what the cost
I'd hold them in my hands
Hold them out to you

Carry me, soft and gentle
Into sleeps arms and beyond
Painless at last, embrace me
In whatever must follow on

This vigil cripples my thoughts
Drags me down into shadows
Darkest depths that smother
With each breath you take

Love washes over me
Bliss follows in its steps
Curling around my soul
Just a trace of a kiss

The flow of traffic diverts
My racing thoughts to watch
As life moves by so fast
Suspended in a bubble of care

The heavens explode around us
As we fall into the arms of love
Diamonds sprinkle your hair
With the sparkle of starlight


Here in this armchair

Trees drip rivers of colour from branches
Bared towards the granite skies above me
Reds and golds float freely to the ground
Forming a carpet so rich beneath my feet

Fingers trace their thoughts
Across my skin lightly
As I gaze into your soul
Drowning in the green

Another day, another month
They come and go so swiftly
I blink and then turn the page
And the seconds race right by


Unseen they walk here
Wings furled tight around our hearts
They protect from harm

To reach out and touch skin
To caress and feel the rythmn
As it moves with each breath
The smoothness of its surface

A swirl of shadow races across
The clear blue sky that seem to hang
Turning mid-air to follow a pathway
Imprinted on the memories of hundreds

Once I held the perfect flower
Here within my gentle hands
Love blossomed so beautifully
Only to die before the morning sun

Hands reach to hold
As the soul soars high
Pulling at the tendrils
That hang from its feet

The future races ahead of us
The past stretches out behind
All that really matters is now
And the urgency of this moment


True love

Will remain always

Never close those doors
Before you're sure it's right
Always look to the future
But don't forget the past

Give me your hand
Come take a walk
Along the roadway
That leads to valleys

Fiona Davidson Biography

First book 'A Look In My Heart' has just come out....thank you to Sue Sie for all her help in the publishing of my book...thanks for reading this...xxFi All my Poems are original works and ideas and are subject to copyright Fiona Davidson 2008/2009/2010 copying of any of my work will be pursued)

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Give Me Romance Everytime

Maybe a little romance is needed
Lightening our days in all this grey
To place a smile on our faces

You can't have too much romance
In a life that's filled with sadness
Making us laugh with pleasure

Give me romance to dazzle me
To make my heart sing out loud
And make me feel I'm alive

Bring on the romance to me
It's welcome in a soul of tears
Appreciated from this coldness

Give me romantic words and deeds
So pleasing to my eyes and ears
Make me happy for a little while

Give me romance everytime
To make me blush and smile
Instead of all these teasing words

rewrite of poem lost in the ether lol but still on document.....Fi

Fiona Davidson Comments

Sue Sie 20 January 2009

Hi Fi...thought I, d say a few words.... With more than 800 poems on board now I have come to realise what a prolific writer you are. You describe things so well that it brings your poems to life! You can write about various subjects and can capture the readers imagination with such emotive words...very well done....Sue x

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Sreelekha Premjit 14 January 2009

I like your poems very much, Fiona. You are great.

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Robert Melliard 14 December 2008

I have read some of your poems and like them because you express your perceptions very clearly. You are very observant, too. I would appreciate it if you could read one or two of my poems, which I think are also quite clear, and give me your opinion. Best wishes, Robert Melliard.

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Frances Warwick 04 November 2008

In reading this poets work, I find myself captured by the depth of feeling that she writes with. To describe with such passion, shows a true understanding of all emotions. I like Fionas work very much and may she continue to produce such fine verse. I hope she goes far in her sharing and deserves to be well read. Thankyou Fi

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Premila Patel 30 May 2015

So surprising, mind boggling and simply wonderful xx

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Shashendra Amalshan 18 July 2009

Hi Fi! ! ! hello.. I should say.. Fiona Davidson is among the best love poets in the site.. it always make me feel good.. when i visit her page.. i really liked those ones where she designed a special frames for her poems.. hey what happened to them ma'am.. ones with stars and hearts.. anyway recently i read few of yours too.. lovely indeed..... best wishes and please write more! ! ! with lots of love shan

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Herbert Nehrlich2 21 June 2009

I add that this poem was penned by a lovely poet. H

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Ben Bump 09 April 2009

A love poem is a tricky thing, you pulled it off well.

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Catrina Heart 09 April 2009

A poet with astonishing compositions, her words flow so naturally of brilliance in putting great images in her poems. Romance filled her pages, enchanting and heartfelt.......She is the cupid poetess of this wonderful site.

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